Ketogenic diet saved my life!

Ketogenic diet saved my life. I was never able to lose weight — not even something like 5 pounds. Every time I have tried some diet, I failed miserably. I have usually lost like 1 to 3 pounds with in the first five days, but after that, I gained five or more.

Here is my current progress picture after a year of straight keto:

ketogenic diet saved me from heart attack

I have lost little over 92.5 pounds with in the last year, which equals I believe to 42 kilograms. If you told me a year ago, that I can do this. I would not believe you. But know, when I am on the other side. On the leaner and healthier hand, I still feel bad. Yes, I am healthy and a lot lighter. But now, when I know that I can lose weight and maintain weight loss. I want more. I know that in the late 30s, I probably wish to be able to get sixpack abs, especially after being overweight for so long. But I would like to get to a 24-26 % body fat range.

I’ve learned everything about keto and how to structure my diet on this site. I will continue with my journey, and hopefully, I will reach my goals. Thanks for reading, and please, don’t give up your hopes like I almost did. I did it, and you can do it too!

I have received this story via email, and I thought that I have to share this with you, this is such a fantastic story. After reading this, I’m going to try myself a keto diet.

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