vbuckify .com REVIEW – Read This Before They Scam You!

Hello Fortninte player, I have quite lousy news about vbuckify for you. You have most probably googled their website because you have seen one of those youtube videos. Where have they showed you how they got thousands of free V-Bucks, right? I am so sorry, but there are no V-Bucks generators out there.

Over last few weeks I have received a lot of questions regarding website vbuckify .com and wheter if they are a legit site or just a scam website. SO i have wrote this reveiw article for you! Read the whole thing if you want to know the truth.

I am so sorry to tell you that all of these Fortnite V-Bucks generator websites are fake. And even those videos with “proofs” are faked. All of these videos are edited in Adobe After Effects or in similar tool.

If you want free v bucks, I can give you a few hints on how to do so, instead then trying your luck with this generator website. But to be honest, you can’t even try your luck with them. I can tell you right now, that you won’t receive a single vbuck on your Fortnite account after completing all the info for the “generator” and even after completing “human verification.” How can I know that for sure? I know where they have downloaded the “landing page,” which looks like “generator.” I also know which network offers you either app installs or completing offers. I even know how much these guys are getting paid.

If you want to know more, please read this article. I have written it while back. Because I am getting tired of these guys, they are making a living by scamming kids out of their pocket money. In that article, I go quite in detail why all of these websites are not legit and how it all works.

And this is not just the vbuckify website, and it is not only Fortnite. These kind of scams are pretty much for every popular game, which was released in the last few years.

Is vbuckify legit?

No, it is not a legit website. They are trying to pretend that if you input your user name and if you tell them on which device, you are currently playing Fortnite, that V Bucks will magically appear on your gaming account. The only thing you have to do is prove to them that you are human.

Their “human verification” is a process where you have to complete at least two offers. You can choose from completing suggestions or installing apps. Both of these require paying money or verifying via your credit card.

By paying money I mean, that one of those offers which were served for “human verification” on vbuckify you have to send SMS to a specific number and these SMS cost anywhere from 5$ or more.

If you have to use your CC as a verification, usually you will receive an automatic subscription invoice within a month.

Why I am talking about “human verification” on vbuckify

I use “because there is no human verification. It is only a way to make you think that you are verifying your self as a human. They are just trying to get you to complete those offers to get money. You won’t receive anything after completing them.

How much they are earning on vbuckify

Well, let’s say you decide to complete those two offers because you honestly would like some free v-bucks and maybe an upgraded package right. If you do that, you would spend at least $10 on those SMS or perhaps even more. The owner of this website will receive anywhere from 1-3$ depending on what kind of offer you have completed. And that depends on your geo and your device and his settings also.

My last thoughts

As you can see from my previous paragraph, this is pure scamming people out of money. And it is not even a good model. Every person that gets scammed on their website loses ten or more dollars, and owner of vbuckify receives a dollar, or if he is lucky, he can get up to three dollars. This feels the same to me, like a drug addict who would brake your windshield on your car to steal a pack of cigarettes. This is the same logic. This is why I hate these kinds of websites and why I wrote this article. I am sorry for such a long rant, but I hope that I prevented you from being scammed by them.

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