What To Wear With Khaki Pants

Before I answer you what to wear with khaki pants, we need to answer the most important question first. What color shirt goes with khaki pants?

Read the whole article and find out what to wear with khaki pants. I will tell you what to choose from shoes, shirt to a belt and other accessories to wear with tan trousers.

As we all know, the choice of our t-shirt or shirt is crucial, because most of the time other people when they look at us. They see the shirt or tee. And there are many reasons for that. We spend a lot of time at work or somewhere else sitting. And the only part of us, which is visible, is the t-shirt. And let’s face it when you talk to someone, you try to look them in their eyes, and the only thing you can see on them is their shirt if that.

So what color shirt goes with khaki pants

That depends on what kind of khaki color your pants have. There is a massive difference between the lighter or darker shade of khaki color.

Continue reading and find out what color shirt goes with khaki pants. The basic difference is what color of your pants have, if they are lighter, you need to pick different styles than if they are darker, but don't worry I explain all of this with in the article.

If you own khaki pants which are darker or have a darker shade of this color, almost brown, in that case, I would recommend you to either choose a green shirt, yellow-green, a lighter shade of gray also looks good in that combination, orange or off-white. All of these colors go very well with darker shades of khaki color. Here are examples of t-shirts I would recommend:

You can buy this one here.

The second best choice in my eyes is this shirt:

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If your pants have a lighter color, I will choose between yellow-green color tee or shirt, or hot pink t-shirt or even orange or combinations of orange, like orange-red and maybe even brown.

Again here are the examples I would pick:

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Before we move on to other things to wear with khaki pants, I would like to mention that choosing the color for your t-shirt will also depend on your hair and your hairstyle, your eyes, and the skin tone.

What color shoes to wear with khaki trousers

what color shoes goes with tan trousers? You don't know? I have created a list for you which colors are the best and which ones you should definetly avoid.

The coloring scheme is quite similar as was for t-shirts.
Now I will create a list of what color shoes go well with tan or khaki trousers. The first colors I will mention are a far better choice and match than the ones, which are at the end of the list

Best Shoe matches With Khaki Pants

  1. Beige
  2. Burgundy
  3. Dark Brown
  4. Green
  5. Light Brown
  6. Navy
  7. Purple
  8. Red
  9. White

In case you don’t any of these you can always wear grey shoes with them. It is not a great choice, but it is an acceptable color, and it is not the worst decision in the world.

What shoes I would recommend? Here is my number 1 choice:

I genuinely like these, and you would not believe how cheap they are. My boyfriend has two different pairs of them, and they still look brand new. I love these. You can buy them here.

What color shoes to stay away from when wearing khaki trousers

Not wear black or orange shoes; it looks horrible. Even my boyfriend, who has no fashion sense, knows that. Yes, it is that lousy combination. And also other colors that are not on the list of the ones that match with them. I could list them, but it would take ages. Why have I mentioned black and orange? Because it is the worst possible decision you can make.

What kind of belt should I wear with these pants

Well, this is one of the more straightforward questions to answer. But even though this one seems natural to me, almost a no brainer. Most people get this wrong. Because for some reason people think that the belt should match their pants, in this case, it would be a brown belt. And that could not be far from the truth. What you want to do, or what you should do is that your belt needs to match the color of your shoes. Because if you choose the same color of the belt as your trousers are, the belt won’t be visible as much, it will be almost drowning in the same color. But if you choose a belt in the color of your shoes, it will complement your pants.

And here is my sneaky little tip, for which most people don’t even think about. Choose a belt that fits well with your pants. By that I mean, that the belt should easily fits the belt loops on your trousers. If there is to much space or you can’t fit the belt easily in them, choose a different belt. I know that this is almost being a nitty picky nerd about it, but this could easily ruin the cool outfit.

What belt do I recommend? Well, let’s take a look at it. But keep in mind that this belt fits perfectly with the shoes I have recommended.

Timberland does not make the cheapest things, but this one is super high quality. And it is available in several color variations. You can get yours here.

What about a sweater or jacket

If you have to wear a sweater, hoodie, jacket or vest on top of your t-shirts. My best advice is don’t choose the same color as your t-shirt is. That could kill your outfit. Unfortunately, many people still do this to this day. I would pick one of the falt colors I have to recommend when you are choosing the right t-shirt that goes well with khaki pants. If your shoes or belt or any other accessory is darker, I would probably pick some color that is brighter to offset it.

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My Last Thoughts

I hope that this article has helped you find out what to wear with khaki pants and what color shirt to choose with these tan trousers. Finally, in 2019, khakis are not only for casual Fridays at the office. They finally made it to the real word :D. I mean seriously, try to remember who was wearing them ten years ago and on what occasions. Nowadays it is finally common to use them for date night, for travel or even for errands, well or literally for everything. If you like the color, then why not, adjust the rest of the clothes with them, and with that, I have helped you with this article. Now you should know what to wear with them!

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