Best Underwear for Working Out – Top 10 List

Everyone or at least most of us spent most of our time shopping for the perfect workout t-shirt, sneakers, or leggings, but almost none of us is looking for the best underwear for working out. And that is both for men and women. Yes, women at least usually looking for the best sports bra to feel comfortable while working out. But what about shorts for men and panties for women? Most of us take to open our drawer with underwear, and we take whatever we see on the top of the drawer, right?

Well, first of all. This way, you will feel most of the time uncomfortable while working out, but also this way, you can quickly destroy or damage your pricy underwear. It is a must to have separate underwear for working out. Trust me, and I had to get rid of several Vicotria Secret and Calvin Klein underwear. How stupid of me. I had to throw out underwear “worth” of 100s of dollars.

What to look for when buying the best underwear for working out.

First, choose the proper size, the tighter the lingerie is, more moisture, bacteria, and sweat can build up, and this could lead potentially to an infection. If you put your underwear on and you feel instantly “restricted,” this is most probably not the right fit for you. Especially is you can see red lines in the skin from the underwear, go with size up.

having separate underwear for working out is not only comfortable but also healthy. And why not to choose the best underwear for working out? Check our top 10 list for woman and man.

How should the proper underwear feel?

Like you don’t even have it on. Comfort is a must for underwear for running, working out, yoga, for almost anything where you sweat a lot. Not only that, it is healthier and comfy to get proper workout gear, but if you don’t, you might end up imprinting the design of your but everywhere where you sit in the gym.
Firstly I will list my top 10 list for women and then the best briefs for men for working out.

10 Best Working Out Panties for Women in 2019

Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump

Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump underwear is single the best underwear for working out for women; this is the best choice you can make in the year 2019.
This is the best underwear for working out for women

This was one of my firsts sports-specific panties that I have ever bought. I am pleased about these, I have them already for quite a few years, and they still feel great. No wonder why they have over 2 500 positive reviews. You can get these here.

Victoria’s Secret Panties Sexy Illusions No Show Cheeky

Victoria's Secret Panties Sexy Illusions No Show Cheeky in dark red vine color option and size s. Rest of the photo consists of a white background.

These were definitely worth the investment. I have never practiced yoga so comfortably like in these. You can check the current price of these.

Knitlord 6 Pack Women’s Thongs Underwear Cotton Breathable Panties Hipster Bikini

On the photo you can see six different women cotton thongs, each in different color and all made by Knitlord.

I have to admit, and I had better ones than these. But for the price, they are well worth it. Especially when buying this 6 pack.

La Volupte 4 to 7 Pack Women’s Thongs Nylon Spandex Panties Bikini Underwear

On this photo you can see 7 different color options of La VOlupte Spandex Panties.

These are 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex. They feel super soft and stretchy. In these you could feel comfy even if you would work out for the whole day, I love these.

DEEP TOUCH Women’s Soft Bikini Panties

On this photo are two different color options of deep touch panties, both of them have stripes, but one of these has combination of red and blue and the second one is grey and light green.

I know that these don’t look quite as good as the other ones. But let me tell you. The name does not lie. These are so soft and comfy. I had one of my best workouts in these.


On this photo, you an see model in white panties and next to her are five different color options displayed, so you can see how well they fit and also what other options are available.

No matter what I have done. When I have run 10 miles or when I have tried CrossFit class, I felt great in these. I can recommend these for any athletic or sports activity. You can get these here.

Kizaen Women’s Hipster Soft Lace, Low Waist Breathable Briefs

Kaizen is well know for creating very comfortable and breathable briefs, these ones are low waist and on the pohto you can see them in six different color options, pink, red, grey, black, blue and gold. All of these are fabulous, you can rock these anywhere, not only for working out, but the are great for that! But stylish at the same time.

I would have never thought that these could feel so comfortable at all times. I have more pairs of these than I need, but they are great! I can recommend these to everyone. Check the current price.

Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Thong Panty

Calvin Klein is notoriously known for making breathable and very comfy panties, and in that matter, all of their underwear is very comfy, and a lot of people use these for sports.

These have 81% of 5-star rating, and for a good reason, they are amazing. They are fantastic as much as I was amazed when I ran in those for the first time. I don’t know how they are doing it, but these feel great while in the gym or running. You can get them here.

Calvin Klein Women’s Cotton Stretch Logo Bikini Panty 5 Pack

Another great set of bikini panty underwear which is fantastic for working out, maybe even the best. This five pack has fully displayed the photo and is consisting of black color underwear, light and dark blue, white and pink!

Not only that, these are quite cheap. They are one of the best sellers in this category! Check out the current price.

10 Best Working Out Shorts for Man in 2019

This is in y humble opinion the best underwear for working out for men. It is from under armor, under armor has been making the best workout gear for many years now, and they are still on the top of the game right now!
This might be the best underwear for working out for men!
On this photo you can see spider performance edition of boxers in three different color styles, red and black, black and orange and grey and black right next to each other, rest of the photo is just plain white background.
On this photo you can see two versions of a boxer by Adidas in climacool edition, one is dark blue, and the other is a light blue color option, both of these have adidas in white letters.
These are great maybe even one of the best boxers for working out, Nike pro editions are very popular these days, and for a good reason, these are very high-quality boxers. On the photo, you can see them in three colors, black, blue and grey.
On the photo, you can see black Nike pro briefs, very comfortable for a very affordable price.
For some reason, these cotton briefs from underarmour were never truly popular, and do does not understand why they are very comfortable and for a great price and in many different color options. On this photo, you can see how these look in black, blue, and grey color, all of these look great.
On this photo, you can see 3 and a half inch edition shorts from under armor in grey and white color, but you do not have to worry, they are making these in several other different color options as well.
on the photo are three different Neleus Men’s Compression shorts, in three different colors, one black, one white and one blue in blue color.
Under Armour Men’s Tech Mesh Boxers in grey color, where the trap around the waist is black and the under armor logo on top of it is in black color. The button on the boxers is also in black color, these are best for working out or sports in general, but they also look very cool.
On the photo, you can see a very ripped athlete wearing PUMA Men’s Moisture Wicking Performance Briefs in black color, with white text and orange stripes. And there is a good reason why an athlete is rocking these because these were made for working out specifically!

My final thoughts

It might sound stupid for some, but choosing the right underwear to workout out in is truly important. I would have never reached my fitness goals, especially my weight loss goal, as fast as I did if I did not invest in my fitness panties. Yes, again, I know that it might sound stupid right now. But I would not go to the gym as often as I did if I did not feel comfortable. Also, I am not ruining my expensive thongs anymore, which is always lovely, especially when I paid for those as much as I did. Also, I would not feel motivated to go for a run or some class, if I knew I would not feel good. And of course, it is way healthier for women and even for a man to have separate clothes in general for working out. I hope I have helped you with this blog post and see you in the next one.

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