Lime Player apk Download Link For Latest Version 2019

Lime player apk has to be atleast in top 3 video playing apps. This is why I am writing this review of it and providing you more info about this application for adnroid devices

Lime player apk is one of the best lightweight video players for Android devices. This player supports advanced HW acceleration, and unlike most mobile players, it also supports subtitles. Not only that, this app is entirely for free and by many, but it is also rated as the best application for playing videos and music. … Read more

Average Marketing Coordinator Salary in the US in 2019

Do you want to find out what is Marketing Coordinator Salary on average in the united states in year 2019? Read this whole article

From the data I have gathered online and discussed with my friends within the industry, the average marketing coordinator salary in the year 2019 in the United States is little over $43K a year. And of course, that is for an entry-level position. From the data I have gathered online, the average senior marketing coordinator … Read more

How to Screen Record on Android with Sound!

If you want to know How to Screen Record on Android you should read carefully this whole article. I will also share a trick with you how can you also record the sound with the same app.

I have been asked a lot how to screen record on Android with audio. Recently most apps won’t allow you to record your screen with sound. But I still know, and I am again using an app that lets you record both at the same time. But if you don’t want to record your audio … Read more

Best of the Best Parks and Rec Memes

The best parks and rec memes will improve your mood. DO you want to laught? check this article

Finally, the day has come, I can finally share with you the best Parks and Rec memes. I was gathering these memes for quite a while. And finally, the article is here. Hopefully, you are also fans of this show, if not, definitely give it a try. In my opinion, this is the best sitcom … Read more