Biggest Collection of Funny Kahoot Names

Best list of funny kahoot names and everything you need to know about nicknames in this game and how to actually prevent players to use naughty usernames.

Last week when I was browsing Reddit, I saw several funny Kahoot names. Some of them were edgy nicknames, and some of them were genuinely clever. I could create a collection of the best nicknames for those of you who googled this to find out what it means. Here is a brief explanation. Kahoot is … Read more

How download Twitter video TUTORIAL for all Devices

Do you want to download twitter video? In this article I am going to teach you how you can save your favorite video from twitter on following devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android smartphone and tablet and also for windows pc.

Hello reader, today I am going to show you how you can download twitter videos on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phone, and Windows desktop PC. This is going to be quite an easy tutorial. There are several methods of how you can do this, but I will teach you the best one for each particular device. … Read more

How to pronounce Nguyen [CORRECTLY]

Learn how to pronounce Nguyen correctly. I wrote a written guide for you, but if you feel like that is not enought I have attached a learning youtube video, which should teach you the correcnt pronounciation of this name

Today I would like to teach you how to pronounce Nguyen correctly. I believe this is quite the right name to learn how to pronounce since more than 35% of Vietnamese people have Nguyen as a last name. And to be honest, pretty much every week, I hear at least one person mispronounce this last … Read more

Mario Kart iOS & Android App Download + [ULTIMATE GUIDE]

Everything about Mario Kart app, i will teach you how to download and install this app both on iOS and android. Also few gameplay tips and currecnt news about this game.

Finally, the time has come, and Nintendo is finally releasing Mario Kart to iOS and also for Android devices. The release of Mario Kart Tour [9] is September 25th for both Android and iOS smartphones and other compatible devices. Mario Kart 9 for mobile devices is going to be free to play a game, which … Read more

Pokemon Masters Apk Download [LATEST VERSION & Install Tutorial]

If you want to download pokemon masters apk or learn how to install this app you have found the right article, I will teach you all of these and I will also share few good gaming tips to be better at this game than others

If you want to download pokemon masters apk, you have landed to the right website. I will share with you the latest download link for this application, I will teach you how to download this app, and I will also share with you the common errors and how to fix them. Pokemon Masters Apk Requirements … Read more

How to Tame Pandas in Minecraft & Breeding Tutorial

This is ultime panda guide, you will learn how to tame pandas in Minecraft and also how you can breed them easily, both of these are 101 tutorials which are easy to understand

Lately, I have received quite a few requests to create a tutorial on how to tam Pandas in the Minecraft game. And why not? It is quite fun to do, and weirdly enough, you can tame pandas in Minecraft. Since we are already on this topic, I will also show you how to breed them! Even … Read more

Cursed Minecraft Images Explained + Biggest collection of them Online!

Collection of the best cursed minecraft images & illegal minecraft building techniques explained

Cursed Minecraft images, which are known only by the hardcore Minecraft gaming community as illegal Minecraft building techniques. These are compelling images of certain Minecraft items or objects for that matter, which you can’t usually find in the Minecraft game. These have to be either faked in photoshopped or edited by game mods. I will briefly explain … Read more