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Easy robux today for free is the dream of every Roblox player. And the player doesn’t even need a lot of experience to find this out. I realized this within 2 hours of playing that I need more in-game cash to be able to get the full enjoyment out of the game. I was browsing online for hours or maybe even days. And I have found a few strategies that work to earn more, but also that wasn’t enough. And back then, when I started playing, there wasn’t a lot of content online for this game, which is a shame, but it was true. I wish I had this blog back then, and I could at least share my knowledge of the game and even make some money out of it.

So you might be wondering how can I help you earn free robux today with this article when I am just rambling on and on. Don’t worry, and I will share with you soon how to get easy in game currency for free. But you have to be a little bit more patient. I want to share first on what not to do because, in the process of finding the best method, I tried several others, and I got burned a few times. By burned, I mean scammed out of my money. It wasn’t for no reason; it was more due to my stupidity and that I did not do my research beforehand.

Hey, do you want toget easy free robux today? If yes, you need to continue to read this article and you will find out soon enought.

Easy Robux Today with generators

I am sure if you are reading this, that you have come across a few generator sites. Have you ever thought about how this generator website could work? No? But I did, but only after spending money on finishing the survey and not getting anything out of it.

Just think about it for a good minute. Roblox is one of the most played games online. They are generating all of their revenue threw selling robux online every day. So how could this “script” or generator give you free in-game cash?

T he only money Roblox is making is via selling their in-game currency, which is called R$. I estimate that they are making at least $25 million each month. This estimate is from that game developers in Roblox, which are players like you and me, are making close to $30 million a year. And they have just one or more in-game games in Roblox. These are usually not professionals, and they are just game enthusiasts. And I am not saying that all developers are earning so much money, but the top one actually have made $30 000 000 in the year 2017, so with the growth of the game and the actual player base, I would estimate that the highest payout of 2018 was little over 35 million dollars, but hey, I might be wrong. Or I am not, which is probably the case.

Main idea of this photo is how do you earn robux if all the generators are fake. The answer is simple, read this whole article and you will find out!

So from all these estimates, I can say without a doubt that the game is making them at least $300 million each year. And this revenue is solely generated from selling their in-game currency, as I have mentioned before. So do you genuinely think that website with horrible design, without having an SSL certificate, which btw costs less than 10$ a year. Will you give your account easy robux today just by putting in your Roblox username and then completing a survey?

I am so sorry, that is just not going to happen. Just think about this for another second. If you were making $300 million from selling something, wouldn’t you make sure that no one can replicate or copy your stuff? You probably would. Not only, that you would have all the money in the world to make sure no one can steal from you. But you would also have one of the smartest people around the world applying for a position at your firm!

Easy robux today com

Easy robux today com was quite a popular website a few years ago. And luckily, the site is down, and hopefully, no one will ever be able to restore it. Because this website has scammed so many people out of their money. It was a simple website created in WordPress, pretending to be an official Roblox site, which would enable you to get more R$ in your player account in exchange for a survey. And it was no different from today, to complete the survey you had to send SMS, which cost at least 5$ depending on the country you live in. Or register on some website, but to complete the registering process, you would have to input your credit card in. Not only that, some people lost their entire savings from their card, which is horrible.

I can’t even imagine how many kids “stole” moms or dads CC and put it there to get easy robux today, and in the end, they did not receive anything. WWhat is quite sad, this website was taken down not because they have scammed thousands of people out of their money. But the site was shut down only because of the used robux in their domain name, which is copyrighted by Roblox since it is their “invention” and main currency in the game. So someone from their company or maybe even someone else reported this domain to them. And they forced either the domain owner or the company which was providing hosting to them or perhaps even the domain registrar to take this website down. Only due to copyright laws. How sad.

Also, quite a lot of people reported that they are getting recurring payments on their credit cards even today. They have just found out that they were paying 10$ a month or more for several years now. Which is quite common, this is how most free trials work. You need to input your credit card to get a free trial on a website, but after the trial ends, you will be switched to a regular plan, which is XX$ monthly. But this can be easily prevented, sign up for the free trial and de-attach the credit card from your account or cancel your subscription. You will still have your free trial, but you won’t be charged after the free trial ends.

But I am getting entirely of the topic, and we should go back to how to earn robux on Roblox today!

How Do You Earn Robux fast in 2019?

I am not sure if you already read it, but I have published a great guide. Where are all the ways on how you can earn robux explained step by step to a detail. From what I have seen, this is the most complex tutorial out there. You can read it here.

So what easy robux today truly means, yes, you can earn robux today and even for free. But don’t expect thousands of R$ in your account today. There is no way that someone can magically give to your account 1000s or tens of thousands R$ for your gaming account.

learn how to earn easy robux today for free is the main text of this photo. Rest of the photo is constiting of green background with grey icon of roblox gamepad.

Getting cheap and easy robux today from marketplaces

I am not sure if you have ever searched craigslist in your area or even let go application. And not only those two, even on Fiverr, facebook marketplace, facebook groups and also mainly on Etsy I have seen posts or ads. That they will, for example: “Only for 5$ I will give you 800 robux today and extra 400 robux for free to your Roblox account. Hopefully, you did not fall for any of these, because these are pure scams. There is no way that you can directly send someone robux in the game.

Yes, there are ways how you can do it, but it has to be done via selling something within the game. It is all written in the tutorial by me. But there is no such a way, where you could directly deposit R$ into someone’s account. That is only not possible in 2019 nor that it was possible back in 2017 or earlier, there was no such feature in the game.

Also, there are quite a few ads, that they are trying to sell you an account with R$ already in the gaming account. And to be honest, some of those sellers are real. But I would say 90% of them are trying to scam you out of your money. A friend of mine was selling those accounts. But a word got out, and suddenly he had more orders than he could full fill. So he raised his price to double the amount, but the orders would keep coming. And he wasn’t able to create so many accounts each day and load them with robux every day.

But his prices were high enough to buy the Roblox accounts with R$ elsewhere and resell them to his customers. But from what he told me, he has ordered from 27 different sellers on four different platforms (facebook groups, let go, Fiverr and on craigslist). Out of those 27 sellers, only 5 of them delivered him an account loaded with robux, which is quite sad. But what is even more disturbing, that he trusted them and did not change the email address on those accounts. Guess what, after three days he had only access to one of the accounts out of 5. So actually 4 sellers scammed him. So out of 27 sellers, 26 were scammers.

On photo consist of text: "by now you should now how to get free easy robux today and if you don't ,yo u should read my 101 guide". Rest of the photo is filled with white and green background and icon of a laptop pc.

Yes, it was his fault, not to change the email. But still, this is quite a horrible experience. After this experience, he was selling the accounts for a few more months, but then he stopped altogether. Because from what he told me, the buyers were so scared to buy even from him, because there were such bad reps for those sellers. But for a good reason.

My last thoughts

If you are a Roblox player, that you and players almost every week want to get easy robux today, there are two options. You can read my 101 guides on how to earn robux today, which was mentioned in this article. Or you can buy robux from the official website, that is the easiest way to get it. It is the fastest method and from what we have talked about, probably the safest way.

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