Hemark Black watch SCAM Explained

If you head about the free hemark black watch, I have awful news for you. This search term got famous thanks to the Elon Musks Twitter account. Because his account tweeted to search for “mark black watch,” and the tweet was ending with: “you will thank me later.”

If you have googled this, braswatch will appear on the first google search result. If you went ahead and visited their website, all of the watches were for $0. I if could bet, almost everyone was excited, that the webmasters have made some mistake. And that they could order the watch for free. But let me tell you, there are definitely for free.

hemark black watch is actually quite clever scam. So if you don't want to be scammed, please continue with reading this article.

And how the hell Elon Musk tweeted this? Was his account hacked? No, only someone bought twitter verified account with a tick and changed the name to Elon Musk. Used his profile photo and posted this “deal.” This was happening a lot last year when crypto was booming, and Elon Musk was not the only target then and even now. There were few more popular twitter verified account look likes which have tweeted the message with the Hemark black watch and googling this search term.

Hemark Black watches are not for free

I have promised you that I will explain to you why these watches are not for free. And why I would never buy them. First of all, the website is from scammers. If they have no issues to do such things with Twitter, what else they are capable of right?

You can add the “free watch” to your shopping cart, and even when you are inputting your details ( which I would do on-site like theirs), the price which shows in the shopping cart is still $0. But when you proceed to add a shipping method, you will be charged 16$ for shipping cost. And let me tell you what they are doing. This watch that they are selling is priced on Aliexpress $3 with free shipping. So they are reselling these.

Well, they are not even reselling them. They will order them straight from Aliexpress to you. Thus they are making a 13$ profit per watch shipped. And you will wait 30-60 days to receive them. I have found the watch on Aliexpress and let me tell you, the photos from users who bought them look nothing like the ones their website or the Aliexpress sellers photo. These watches are probably the worst quality I have ever seen.

If you are thinking about ordering more than one Hemark black watch, don’t do it; they got it fixed. If you put more of the watch in the shopping cart, your shipping prices increase almost two times.

Best look-alike Hemark Black watch

Since the Hemark Black watches look truly good on the pictures, but in reality, they look like s***. I have found watches, from which these Hemark black watches were created as a cheap fake watch.

Here are the best three look-alike watches that I have found from reputable sellers and brands. If you genuinely like them, at least buy the original high-quality ones, since they are almost at the same price.

Number 1 look-alike Hemark Black watch, black on black color option also with a black leather strap.
Number 1 look-alike Hemark Black watch

Buy Here.

Get Here.

You can get these here.

My last thoughts

Getting Hemark Black Watch for free might sound appealing. But now you know that this is not a possibility that the whole thing was a scam, so please don’t even visit their website, because we don’t know what they can do. Especially if you make an order form them. Your credit card info and other info might not be safe. If you like the designs of their watches, I have found the real ones for you, and they are only 10$ pricier than the ones from the fake scammy online shop. So the choice is yours, but if it was me. I would get the real ones from a reputable brand.

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