The Best Rose Bear On The Market

Do you want to give Rose Bear as a gift? That is a great idea, but there is a way too many companies that are selling them, and some of them are pure trash. Within this article, I will reveal which one is the best. And which one is the best choice pricing and quality vice.

Why am I writing this? Well, I have bought one as a gift for almost 200$, and the quality was horrible. If it were on me, for that teddy bear, I would not pay even 5$. And it is not like that it looked slightly worse than on the photos. Of course, all of these promo photos usually look marginally better than in reality due to lighting and the setup. But this was nothing like the bear on the pictures. I was so mad. Well, and now I am writing this blog post, so you don’t make the same mistake.

From the “online store,” I would instead not to mention I have bought the red rose bear in size 14″. And as I have described, it looked horrible; I have somewhere a photo of it. But I am kind of ashamed to post the picture of it since I have paid almost $200 for it. Even when I am writing this, I feel so dumb for buying it.

Which rose bear is the best one, do you want to find out? Keep reading the article. The information about the teddy which you are seeking is down below the image.

The best Rose Bear

If you are deciding between buying the one in size 14″ or 27″. It depends on who will receive this gift. If it is for a kid, definitely buy the bigger one (27″). But if you are buying it for your girlfriend or adult in general. Buy 14″ Rose Teddy Bear.

On the photo, you can see the Red Rose Bear in the gift box, wrapped in a red wrap. This is the perfect gift for your girl, fiance, wife, sister, or even your mom. This red rose teddy bear is probably the most popular color option out of all.
Red Rose Bear

Why? Well, on the big rose bear, you will be able to spot more mistakes, which happen during manufacturing or delivering. The small one looks like it is a more high-quality product, to be honest.

Which color of the rose teddy bear is the best

I already purchased them in all color variations possible; I would rank them in this order.

  1. Red
  2. Pink
  3. Winter
  4. Gold
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. White
On this photo is the pink teddy, also favored by many.

On the white one, you won’t be able to see all the details that make this so beautiful and cute gift. The purple one looks weird, to be honest. The blue one is showing the details, but it just doesn’t look as good in person as on the photos.

This is a photo of the blue bear, which is also a decent color option, but in my eyes, the details are not as good as in other color options.

The gold one does not look good on the photos, but in real life, it is a perfect color.

Gold color option, as you can see in the gold color, the detail is kind of lost on this photo, but in real life, it looks way better.

And Red, Pink, and Winter color options are the best, I have ranked them by my personal preference, but according to online reviews, most people agree with me. Or at least from the 104 reviews I have read.

The Special Winter Edition one:

This is a photo of special winter edition rose bear. I highly recommend this one; this is the perfect gift for Christmas for everyone. Or you can also give this to anyone who has a birthday in winter, it looks cool, and this is the only color option out of all which has this design, this is a unique option.

From which sites not to buy

I saw several shops selling these on wish app, Aliexpress, Etsy, and even on eBay. But after looking at the photos from the users who bought the bear. It was nothing like the bear from Amazon. They are all from the same source, and most probably, the one I have bought for almost 200$ was perhaps from this source also. These don’t look even close to the bear from Amazon. If you want to buy a good gift, I will not trust the other websites, I have made this mistake once, I definitely won’t do it again. And hopefully, you won’t make this mistake as I did after reading this article about the best Rose Bear to buy.

Wish happy birthday with the perfect gift; the rose teddy bear. This is an excellent gift in 2019. So far everyone who received it from me was super happy about it.

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