How I Quit Smoking And You can too!

Do you want to quit smoking? We all know that this is a horrible habit. Now I will share my best tips on how you can get rid of this habit.

So how I quit smoking?

Like many of you, I have stopped smoking several times. And I have tried everything to be honest with you. I have tried nicotine gums, nicotine patches, nicotine lozenges. I have also been prescripted nicotine inhales and even a nasal spray with nicotine. And none of those methods have genuinely helped me. I was able to smoke less, but I never truly quit using these methods.

But three years ago I have said to my self that this was enough. And that I am going to quit for good. And since I have already known that none of those methods of quitting smoking have genuinely worked for me. I have started doing some more in-depth research on how to stop once and for all.

I have even thought about going to therapy, but at the time, I did not have time and resources for such an option.

Do you want to quit smoking cigarettes for good? Keep reading this article; I will share with you how I did it, and how you can get rid of this horrible also on your own!

How I quit smoking for good

After all the research, I knew I had to create a plan to stop. I did not want to quit cold turkey because I have experienced that in the past, and I felt like shit all the time. So my “plan” was to reduce daily smoking by cigarette a day. But after two weeks, when my smoking was radically lower than just two weeks ago. I have started getting feelings that I won’t be able to do this anymore. I was looking forward to each cigarette I had in those past two weeks.

And right at that point, I knew I was in trouble. And I knew my plan was not reliable enough. Even though I was also adding activities to my day, so I would be more distracted and did not think about smoking cigarettes.

But it was not working well for me. So again, I have ended up at my pc doing some more research on how to finally stop with this horrible habit. And I have found this quit smoking program. I have reread several times their sales page. And after the second read, I have purchased it. Not because I was sure that it would help me, but I knew I would break within a few days. I needed a new plan very desperately, because I knew deep down in my heart, that I would not quit.

Right after purchasing the program, I stayed the whole night, to read everything possible in the program, so the next day, I can start again with an entirely new plan. It was perfect for me because I did not end up smoking any cigarette that night because I was so busy reading all the info.

First, seven days of the stop smoking program were the hardest for me. But right after a week or so, my temptations were smaller and smaller.

My few tips on how to Succesful stop smoking cigarettes

Here are my best tips to stop smoking cigarettes. Quit now; you will be happy later for this decision. Don't delay the date, start now with cleaning your system of nicotine.
Be more active

Adding more activities to my day was truly helpful. The less time I had to think about smoking, the better. It has truly helped me.

Track last months spending on cigarettes

This is a sneaky little tip, which genuinely has helped me. I have looked up how much I was spending each month on cigarettes. And at the beginning of my quilting, this was truly helpful; I did not necessarily feel wrong about my spendings. But I have decided to spend the money on different things during the weekend. I don’t do that anymore, but in the beginning phases of quitting smoking, it helped me a lot.


Your body will, unfortunately, continue to withdraw nicotine for several days. But that does not mean you can’t make it. In the first few weeks, I was drinking a lot more coffee than I was used to to get better. And every time I thought about getting a cigarette, I have prepared hot tea. These two things have helped a lot. The coffee was my new “fix,” and I felt a lot better after a coffee, so I did not even think about cigarettes, but if I did, I have prepared a hot tea, after which I did not have any desire to smoke a cigarette at that moment.

My best tip to quit smoking

Do not rely on patches or e-cigarettes. None of this is healthy nor long term solutions. You need to realize that you need to quit. And hands down, the best thing I have stumbled upon for quitting smoking is this program. I highly suggest you try it. If you want to know more, click here.

Why is quitting smoking so hard?

We all know the risks that are involved with smoking, but yet we still do it. And quitting can be taught no matter if you smoke just once in a while, or if you are smoking a pack a day.

Smoking, unfortunately, has both addiction, physical one and also a psychological one, since it is our habit. Each time we smoke, the nicotine from the tobacco hives us a temporary high [which is addictive. If we eliminate that dose of nicotine, it can make you experience some withdrawal cravings/symptoms.

The other part why it is to quit hard is that it becomes part of our day. For some, it is ritual to have their cigarette and coffee. Or it is talking to co-workers while having a cigarette. Or it is just puffing on a few cigs after a whole day at work or school.

To entirely stop smoking forever, you will need to take into consideration both of the addiction and our habits and routines that are tied with smoking.

My last thoughts

How to quit smoking is a challenging task; only a few people can make it. Most people get back to smoking again within less than a week after they have stopped.

I am “clean” now for almost years, and to be honest, I don’t even get cravings for cigarettes during parties. By which btw: I have to avoid the first couple of weeks when I was quitting. And if you ask me, what is the best way to stop smoking cigarettes. I would have to say that this program is the best thing I have found there that will help you quit.

But I also knew several people who stopped after reading this book: Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

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