Best & cheapest Refillable JUUL Pods & How To Refill Them

If you want to get the best priced refillable JUUL pods or find out how to refill JUUL pods, you came to the right article. If you are wondering, yes, these pods are compatible with their starter kit. Anyway, if you want to save money on your next purchase, order yours through the link within this article. Currently, these are the best-priced pods. Also, if you are looking for pods, but you still do not have the JUUL vape, read this article and find out where to get it cheaply.

What will you receive in refillable JUUL pods package

Yes, these refillable JUUL pods are compatible with the starter kit or with the vape device alone. What is in this package:

  • Four refillable JUUL pods
  • 1ml capacity each
  • Recommended to use with fifty% + PG nicotine salt liquid
  • Each pod can be refilled up to 3 times

About these refillable JUUL pods

Any flavor can fill these pods you would like. Each package comes with a pack of 4 pods that are all capable of storing up to one ml of liquid. Which is more than the original pods by JUUL, which can hold only 0.7 ml per pod.

Cheapest and best refillable JUUL pods

Do you want the best and cheapest refillable juul pods on the market right now? If yes, keep reading to find out where to buy them

If you want the pods possible for a great price, you should go here. This is the best store, and they provide the best product possible for this price.

Yes, you might find a cheaper retailer of some refillable pods. But they are not as high quality as these are. These pods can hold more liquid. And the customer support of this e-shop is off the chart. I have been recommending this store for quite some time. I have only good experiences with them, which is quite rare — most of the vape shops I have used in the past. I do not have the same relationship with them as with these guys. I have made over 100 orders from them, and I have talked to people who have ordered way more than I did. I prefer this shop also. They have the best pricing, and they are one of the few reliable stores in this vaping niche/industry.

How long does a refillable JUUL pod last

I can’t tell you the exact number since we all vape quite differently. But if you vape consistently during the day all day long. You should be okay with on ml per day up to two ml. So far, I have never exceeded three ml, but that was only when I was out and drinking. I always vape a lot more when I am drunk, but that is a different story for a separate article.

How long do refillable Juul pods last
  • One Pod = 1ml -> Half a day of vaping
  • Two Pods = 2ml -> Full day of vaping
  • 14 Pods = 14ml -> Full week of vaping
  • 56 Pods = 56ml -> Full month of vaping

Please keep in mind that you don’t need that many pods since each pod can be refilled up to 3 times.

How to refill a JUUL pods

Do you wonder how to refill juul pods? There are three tutorials right below this image. Continue reading the article and you will be expert on this topic

It is crazy, but a lot of people are not even aware that this is possible. Let alone how to refill a JUUL pod. But don’t worry, this is where I come in with tutorials for you. For those of you who are more technical types, I wrote just a quick few steps tutorial. But don’t worry, I will also add a video tutorial on how to do this and even a more in-depth step by step tutorial if for some reason you can’t watch a video.

Refilling Juul pods in seven steps

  1. Try to pull off the mouthpiece plastic cap
  2. Pull the silicone cover off
  3. Put about 75% juice to each chamber
  4. Replace the silicone cover
  5. Replace mouthpiece plastic cap
  6. Put it back on your device
  7. Vape

If this wasn’t enough, here is a quick video on how to do it:

If you instead want to step by step tutorial, then read this.

This is a bit detailed step by step tutorial on how you can disassemble the pod and fill it up again. And also how to clean it. You have already disassembled the pod and how to put it all back together.

First, we need to remove the mouthpiece in order to refill a juul pod

First of all, we need to remove the mouthpiece to refill the JUUL pod. If you can, wear some latex gloves during this process. Please use them since there is a good chance that e-liquid will end up on your hands. You don’t have to do it, it is your choice, but the gloves are a great way to protect your self from absorbing nicotine through your skin if you spill it on yourself.

Grab the pod in a way that the narrow side is facing you. Get a screwdriver or knife and pry gently under the black mouthpiece to release the tab, then turn the pod 180° and do the same on the other tab. After that, pull the mouthpiece part away. Right under the mouthpiece should be a visible rubber plug that is sealing the pod.

Secondly, we should clean the mouthpiece

Now when the mouthpiece is removed, it is a good idea to clean the mouthpiece. Inside of the mouthpiece, there should be two visible small cotton pads. These pads are absorbing all the e-liquid, and they are in the mouthpiece to prevent entering e-liquid into your mouth. I have never read from JUUL officially that you should clean or replace these. But if you do, you should have a much better experience while vaping.

So how to clean the mouthpiece? Take tweezers and try to remove these two pads. After that, what I usually do. I get a few paper towels, and I try to dry these pads as much as possible. But I have seen a few of my friends throwing these pads out, and they replace them each time with fresh small pieces of organic cotton. And again, you can use tweezers to push either the organic cotton or the pads back into their slots. Just FYI, I have never tried to put organic cotton there, but I know quite a few people who do.

Finally, we can refill empty Juul pods.

Refilling Juul pods is not that hard as it seems. Now you should have already tweezers by your hand. Take them and remove the rubber plug, which is located on the bottom of the pod. Now the inner reservoir should be exposed.

Now you should be able to add e-liquid to the reservoir of the refillable Juul pod.

Now all you have to do is to add e-liquid to the main reservoir of your pod. Make sure and double-check this that you are not adding e-liquid to the metal chimney in the middle. Also, keep adding liquid until it is near the line at the top of the reservoir. After this, use your finger and thumb to compress the pod by pushing the full sides slowly and gently.

Now replace the plug, and after that, you can release your thumb and finger. The whole reason for creating this pressure is to create a weak vacuum, which is helping in the prevention of leaking e-liquid form the pod.

Last step of this process

This is the last part of how to refill a Juul pod. All you need to do right now is to reassemble the pod back together. You need to put the mouthpiece back on, keep slowly pushing until you hear the tabs click.

Wait, you are not done yet. Take another paper towel and hold it over the bottom part of the refillable Juul pod. Take it by the mouthpiece and try to blow through. If you do it right, the excess e-liquid should clear out through the airflow holes. Once there is no more e-liquid coming out, your pod is ready for vaping.

How often do you need to change the refillable pods?

I have already talked about how long these pods can last. But I feel like there is more to discuss here because I have friends who may need to refill only once or twice a week, which is a lot less than I have mentioned at the beginning of this article. But this is solely dependent on how much you vape each day. And I thought we might also talk about how you can find out that you need a refill. The two most important factors are flavor and vapor. If you can taste a big chunk of reduction of flavor, you should probably refill. If you see a drastic decrease in the smoke emitted, you should refill your pod.

You can also find out that you need a refill when you get a dry hit. But in my opinion that is entirely too late to find out. Because hit like that tastes like death. If you vape and instead of that sweet flavor, you feel harsh, almost a burnt taste, which is kind of like real smoking, but the taste is a lot more disgusting, then you had a dry hit, and you have used all the liquid. The feeling of this is so harsh that I always refill rather sooner than later.


Here is a FAQ section for refillable juul pods and how to refill them correctly. If your question is not here, jsut ask in comments and I will provide you the answer as soon as possible
Is it wrong to refill Juul pods?

No, it is not. But you can overdo it for sure. This is just from my personal experience and experience from my friends. I did not see this anywhere in official JUUL materials. But most people are refilling the original pods up to 5 times, and that is it. After that, you will need to get new ones. Most of the refillable Juul pods, which you need to get, are made for two or three refillings, and that is it. But they can hold slightly more liquid than the original ones, and they are way cheaper. So if you need to buy new ones, scroll back to the beginning of this article. There should be a link with a discount so that you can get yours for the best price possible.

Can you buy refillable pods for Juul?

Of course, you can, and this whole article was about it. I prefer the ones I have listed at the beginning of the article. They are, in my opinion, the best. They hold a more liquid than the original ones, so you don’t have to refill as often, and they are way cheaper!

Does the vape juice work in a Juul?

Most people think that you have only to use nicotine salt e-juice, which is kind of correct since e-juice was explicitly made for vaping devices that are pod-based. The main difference is that the juice is a way thinner. Usually, the e-juice has a lover VG, since, with more VG, the liquid is thicker, which we do not want if we are using JUUL or any pod-based vape for that matter. Either get a nicotine salt e-juice, or some lover VG and higher PG juice.

Why should you use lower VG liquid

Because if you get higher VG juice, you will experience a lot of dry hits, which you don’t want. The more PG is there, the thinner the liquid will be!

My last thoughts

I hope that I have helped you with your decision, which refillable Juul pods to buy. And hopefully, I have also saved you quite some money with those which I have found. I genuinely like them, and I believe they are the cheapest and the best thing that you can get currently on the market. Also, I hope that from now on. Thanks to the tutorial, you know how to refill a Juul pod and how long it will last for you. And most importantly that you know how to find out that you have empty Juul pods, and that is time to refill. Hopefully, you have read this thoroughly and now how to find out that the pod is empty before you hit a dry hit.

If there is any other question I did not answer, please ask. I will do my best to respond to you within 24 hours. Most probably, I will edit your question with my answer within this post, but don’t worry, I will reach out to you with the solution. Thanks for reading this piece and enjoy your vaping or should I say Juuling?

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