JUUL Starter Kit – How to get it as cheap as possible!

Hey there, if you want to buy JUUL Starter Kit, you have landed on the perfect page. I have been in contact with several shops, who are currently selling items from JUUL. And if the promo code or “link with discount” is not available yet within this article. Please wait a few more days and reread this article. As I am writing this article, I’m close to striking a deal with one of three shops, which are carrying JUUL. Why? Well, all of these online stores are willing to work with me. I am just waiting for the best offer for you. But it will be way cheaper than the regular price, which I believe that JUUL cost is around $50 for the Starter Kit + the shipping cost.

If you want to buy starter kit almost for free, pelase keep reading this article and you will soon find out how to get yours almost for free.

So how can you get JUUL Starter Kit for a lower price

Sorry guys, as you can see this part is not updated yet. But as soon as I have the firm deal with one of those stores. I am going to update this. And after this, here is going to be either step by step tutorial or maybe link a or coupon code for the discount. I am not sure yet. Because I have no idea about which shop I am going to work with at the end of the day.

But I am waiting only for two last replies, and after that, I am ready to publish this. So please wait a few days, it will be worth it. You will save a lot of money on this purchase if you expect a day or two.

If you want, you can leave an email or some contact in the comment section below. And I will email you or contact you as soon as I have the deal for JUUL Starter Kit.

Free JUUL Starter Kit SCAM, don’t get fooled, please.

Is it possible to get free juul starter kit? No there is not, I am describing this scam in this article, there is a webiste which claims this, but they are only scamming their visitors out of their money and no one is getting the vape from their website, it is pure scam!

I am not going to write here, which website is offering a free starter package from JUUL because they don’t. The whole site is fake. It is only a matter of the time when they close it down because they are using JUUL in their domain name for which they have zero rights to do so.

But to quickly explain to you how this scam works, so you don’t get fooled by them and by similar scammers when you land on their website. They will tell you that the offer is limited for the next seven days (they won’t directly, but they will show you the date when this “offer” is ending). Also, they will tell you that there are only 1630 units left to make you act on this one. And then you can click on get the deal now. And it will redirect you to a page, which is almost the same as JUUL official website has.

But the only difference is that the price on the JUUL starter kit is only 0$. And everything is 0$, even the shipping when you are finishing your order. And when you click on “PLACE ORDER.” It will show you that you have to complete an offer or install one app below, to get this free package.

These “offers” that you have to do or the app you have to install. All these offers require you to confirm the offer with your credit card or send SMS, for which you have to pay for at least 5$. These are called CPA, cost per action. So every time you complete this offer on install, the owner of the fake giveaway websites gets anywhere from 0.3$-2$ depending on what offer you have finished, but you will usually end up paying at least 5$ or more. This is why I am writing about this and why I hate these scams so much. Because it is so stupid, it is almost the same as when junkie breaks your window on the car to steal 3$ he sees on the floor.

And to be 100% clear, after you complete the offer, you won’t receive this kit or anything else! Sorry for this long rant, but I thought you should know about this.

My JUUL Starter Kit Review

Here is my review of starter kit juul, I have one for several years now and I am more satisfied than I ever was with any vape pen.

I have tried many vape pens during the last three to four years. And so far, I have not been impressed with anything else like with JUUL starter Kit vape pen. I love it. I mean the design is nice and clean and thanks to the design I can find it anywhere. Also, several times, I smuggled it in places where you should not vape because they thought it is just a USB stick.

Their flavors are also of the charts, and I genuinely love them. Yes, they could make more new flavors. I would vote for that if I could, but other than that, I am delighted. I know that people outside of the US have quite some issues to get these. But it is well worth it to get the full kit or anything else from their store. Or actually through the store, I have made a deal for you guys, but I have meant from JULL. All of their products are great, and there is so much more to come from them, wait and believe me.

I have tried in the last four years over 150+ vapes. Some of them I have borrowed from friends. Some I have received as a gift or if I was interested in creating a review for them. And I have ordered at least 30+ vapes from the wish app. And this one is the best one I have tried or used.

7 reasons why is Juul better than other vapes
  1. Consistent puffs
  2. Super easy to use
  3. Perfect Size can fit almost anywhere
  4. Great flavors
  5. No mess
  6. Battery Life
  7. Awesome Pricing

Frequently Aske Questions

If you have any other question about juul kit or kits and the question is not answered here, just pm me and I will add it to this article.

I have answered here the most common questions I have received about this kit if you have a question that is not answered here. Go to the comment section and ask me, I will try to respond within 24 hours or less.

How much is a starter kit Juul?

The regular price for which the starter kit is usually sold is 50$ + shipping fees. But If you go to the beginning of this article, you should see either promo code or coupon code or just a link, which will lead you to the best discount on this product that is currently available. I hope that answers your question about how much is JUUL if anything was unclear or you want more information don’t hesitate to contact me.

What comes with the Juul starter kit?

Each starter kit comes with one JUUL Device, which is rechargeable. I hope I am not wrong about this, but they are currently selling the version number 3 in these kits, but please don’t quote me on that. Also, you will get one USB charging dock for your device. And the last thing you will receive in this package is also JUUL pods. It depends where you this package from, but you will either get two or four seeds. Usually, you will receive either two or four out of these flavors:

  • Mango Nectar
  • Royal Creme
  • Golden Tabacco
  • Glacier Mint

And the last thing is that you will receive a two-year warranty solely on the device.

Is a Juul a vape?

Yes, pretty much it is. I can understand the confusion since JUUL has become such a strong brand. That some people refer to vaping as and Juuling, so I can completely understand your complexity. But yes, it is vaping.

How long does a Juul last?

According to their website, each fully charged JUUL should last you as long as one of the JUUL pods can continue, which they estimate to 200 puffs. But if you are asking this question battery vise, each battery can last around an hour or longer, depending on how much you vape. And to fully charge it again, you will need around an hour or so. If you want to prolong your battery life on your JUUL starter kit, maintain a specific charge on the battery all the time. If you leave the battery empty for quite some time, it will 100% decrease the battery’s capacity, and it might take even a longer time to recharge your device if you reduce the battery’s capacity and power.

What is the best Juul flavor?

I will show you the list of eight JUUL flavors, and I will rank them by ht best on the top to the worst on the bottom. Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, but I would not try the last two flavors if I were you. I have received a lot of criticism for my number one choice. So if you are not a fan of mango flavor, definitely try mint instead.

Juul Starter Kit flavor rating
  1. Mango
  2. Mint
  3. Fruit
  4. Menthol
  5. Creme
  6. Virginia Tobacco
  7. Cucumber
  8. Classic Tobacco
Juul starter kit circle k – is this one still available?

Before I started talking to stores, who sell these, I was referring everyone to buy their JUUL starter kit at circle K, because their pricing was unbeatable. But for some reason in the last two or three months, they are nowhere to be found it these stores. I have no idea why they have stopped carrying them or what has happened. But since so many people started contacting me, because they were not able to find their kit in the circle K I have decided to contact these stores if there is any chance to get better pricing for you guys and luckily I have found an e-store, which gave you a great discount!

Is to worth to buy it on Amazon?

Well to be honest, the only starter kit from Juul that I have seen on amazon is only sold on amazon.co.uk which they won’t ship directly to the US, but the pricing they have is still not truly worth to get it from Amazon, with the deal I have struck for you, you will save a lot more money purchasing from the store that gave us a discount rather than getting it from Amazon. And for you UK guys, even though amazon might offer you faster delivery, if you want to save money, definitely get it from the store I mention at the beginning of this article.

Juul starter kit speedway deal, is it worth it?

I have received a lot of messages to put this in the article. So I am doing so, but please keep in mind that these messages were mostly several months old, but I still receive some questions about them, so here it is if you have purchased in the past your starter kit at a speedway. There was a good chance that you have run to a gas station, which was selling them for 40$. It was not a kit, but if you bought all the items which are in the package, it cost only $40.

Unfortunately, this deal in which several gas stations all over the US had with JUUL is no longer active. I believe that almost all of these gas stations are still carrying them, but they do not have this promotion pricing anymore, so if you want to get some and save money, go to the beginning of the article and order from the shop I have linked to. Because this is, unfortunately, the best deal, currently you can find anywhere online and offline.

My last thoughts

Thank you for reading this article and staying with me until the end. Hopefully, all of your questions were answered within this long article. If not, please contact me, preferably by the comments which are right below this article. And I will try to reply to you as soon as I can. I will directly respond to you, or I will re-edit this article and add it in, and then I will reach out to you that the article has been updated.

What is the best vape on the market right now in 2019? So far the best vape pen I have ever had was from JUUL. The stater kit is perfect one to get.

Hopefully, if you were about to buy your new JUUL starter kit, that you have purchased it from the deal I got for you. Also, if there is anything else that you would like me to cover in this area or niche, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, since this blog has grown a lot in the past few months, I believe I can do more deals with brands and stores like this. So if you want anything else than just a starter kit from JUUL, ask me about it, and I will try to make it happen.

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