How To Get Riverdale Season One & Two With 43% Discount

This is such a sweet deal, but hurry up Blu-ray collections will be gone soon.

I am not sure how long this promo will be up, but I guess it will be only for a few days.

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Update 2019

This deal is over. But I was still looking for a way how to get Riverdale series with a discount. Unfortunately, I did not found any other deal where you can buy it with a discount. But I have found out by accident. While browsing the wish app, I have found a lot of Riverdale merch for amazing prices. If you combine these super-low prices with the tips, I have shared with you here, and you can get up to 70% off on wish app orders. You will be practically ordering things for free. And that does not have to be even Riverdale related; I just thought you might also be interested in their merch.

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