The 20 best Keychain Wallets in [Year]

I have written this blog post about the best 20 keychain wallets because last time I did this with minimalist wallets, I got excellent feedback. Firstly I will list the top 10 ones for men and right below the top 10 list for women.

Why Keychain Wallets?

Well, all of us need to carry with ourselves an ID card, usually a credit card, and a few personal items. But not all of us enjoy walking around with a buff wallet the whole day. And keychain wallets are becoming more and more popular, and I can understand why. They are usually on the cheaper side, and they are almost weightless, they won’t drag out your pockets too much, unlike rest of the wallets, which are oversized and usually bulky, because we store a lot of unnecessary things we would throw out otherwise. Still, since we got the space, we shove it in.

The 10 Best Keychain Wallets for Men

I decided to share first the list of best keychain wallets for men since I believe there is more demand for these types of wallets in men since most women have kept their purse in their handbags. This is funny because there is, of course, a wider variety of purses for women.

This is the top 10 list of the best keychain wallets for men, that are currently on the market in 2019 with all the specifications you need to know about before buying.

1. Minimalist Frontpocket Keychain Wallet from Just Must

Minimalist keychain front pocket wallet from just must in black firm leather with three cards in pockets and with a photo from side and front.
Keychain Wallet by Just Must

This keychain wallet from Just Must deserves the first place in this list. Not only that, due to the enormous variety of colors/styles they are offering, but even women can also choose one. But this is one of few wallets which have RFID protection technology, which is quite stunning considering such a low price. I quite like this one. Again since the dimensions are only 5.2 x 3,2 and 0,1 inches, I almost can’t believe that it has eight slots for cards, space for folded cash, and also coins or key holders. I had this one in my own hands, and I did not find out that this is not real, but artificial leather, it felt so functional and durable.

I had in past wallets from genuine leather and let me tell you, next time when I get a new one, it won’t be from leather. It is just not for me, you need to take care of it, and I am not the person to do it. I have almost forgotten to mention that they are currently available in 14 different colors so that anyone can find the perfect fit for them.

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2. QZS Black Leather Car Key Case Holder

QZS Black Leather Car Key Case Holder in black color option photoed from the front with the BMW sign in the middle of the case holder
Front side photo of QZS Black Leather Car Key Case Holder

QZS made perfect Key Chain Bag, which is currently available in 12 different styles, not just BMW, but also Mercedes, Ford, and many others. When I first saw this one and took it into my hands, I was surprised by the quality since these are super cheap. And what is impressive is that this is not that much bigger than my car key.

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3. FurArt Credit Card Holder with Disassembly D-Shackle

FurArt Credit Card Holder with Disassembly D-Shackle is on this photo with white background, you can clearly see that you can easily fit 4 visa cards within this minimalist keychain wallet on this 107 x 160 png photo

FurArt is currently killing the game. I almost bought this one, not that I needed it, but I like it, and it costs close to nothing. This is the smallest one from the whole list, actually from both lists, nonother from the list for men or women has smaller measures than this one. It only measures 3,15 x 4,6 x 0.25 inches. This is quite an achievement because you can still input eight cards and your ID card, which has a separate and transparent slot with a window. It has a solely pocket for cash, and it has disassembly D-shackle. Did I mention that it has RFID blocking technology? I don’t understand how they can do it; this one is truly tiny. Currently, this is available in over 35 different colors/styles. If I did not buy a brand new credit card holder two weeks prior, I would get this one. But I might buy this just in advance and give it to someone on their birthday; I truly like this one.

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4. CHICECO Ultra Slim


On this photo with a white background, you can see a clear shot of CHICECO Ultra Slim wallet in black and gold color option. The wallet itself is from black leather, and the photo is taken from the front side of the product.

Currently available in black color from genuine leather. With 5 separates card slots, where each of these slots can fit up to 2 cards and separate ID card slot.

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5. ID Stronghold Coin Zipper

Photo of black color RFID Slim ID Wallet Card Holder with silver  Key Ring Front Pocket which has a coin zipper pocket, rest of the photo is just a plain white background.  On the photo you can easily see that you can fit in several bills and even few cards, on this photo there are three. One in each pocket, which is visible from this angle.

Currently available in 4 different styles, all of which have RFID security. ID stronghold has been creating excellent products for well over a decade, and this is one of them.

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6. SOS EDC Minimalist Saffiano Leather with Removable Chain

On this 160 x 160 png image you can see in great detail SOS EDC Minimalist Saffiano Leather with Removable Chain in black color and also the chain is in black. Rest of the photo is a white background.

I would rank this one higher if it was smaller or could hold more cards. But then again, this design is incredible, and this is why it is on this list. Currently, it is only available in this black color, which is a pity, but I like it, and I hope that you do as well. You can fit up to 6 different cards, other than that is has an ID card slot with a window and one pocket for cash. Of course, that SOS EDC made sure that it has RFID Blocking features.

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7. Front Pocket Card Holder For Men by Thread Wallets

This image is showcasing the beautifulness of Front Pocket Card Holder For Men by Thread Wallets in grey color option with a black ring.

Currently, it is available in 10 different styles/color options. Unfortunately, there was no mentioning weather if it has RFID protection or not. But guessing from the material and how light it was, I highly doubt that it has RFID protection. But it has a genuinely lovely feel to it, and you can fill it up to 8 cards and some cash.

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8. Vertical Card Holder

On this image is showcased keychain wallet, vertical card holder in grey and black color option with white background.

Threads Wallets nicely design this minimalist key chain wallet. If this one had RFID protection, it would be on the very top of this list. Out of all 16 color variations, I wanted to buy 15 of them. This vertical cardholder has a lovely feel. It is lightweight, slim, and you can still fill it up with eight cards and cash.

9. Bilfold Chain Wallet by F&L Classic

On this photo, you can see Bilfold Chain Wallet by F&L Classic in great detail with the silver chain, and the purse is in black!

Currently, it is available only in solid black color or in Crazy Horse Brown color. Both of these look and feel very good, and both of them are made from Top Grain cowhide leather. And they are Made in the USA! I love this one. Out of this list, this can gather the most amount of cards. You can fit in 9 credit cards; it has a separate ID card window department. It has a pocket for coins and three other large compartments for cash, bills, etc.

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10. Terdinero Leather Zip Holder

On this photo, you can see fully filled Terdinero Leather Zip Holder. You can see that ID card and credit cards can easily fit within this keychain purse and few bills inside of the bag also and for the comparison, keys are on the photo right next to it. Btw: Yes, this is the black color option.

This keychain wallet is perfect for minimalists. But then again, when I have mentioned that most of the wallets of this type are made for women. This one is clearly for both since it is in black on rose-red color. The upside is that it is super lightweight, slim, and it even has RFID protection, but it has nothing to do with fashion.

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The 10 Best Keychain Wallets for Women

This part will be slightly more fun. Within this top 10 list, there are many more designer picks than it was in the men’s record. So let’s start.

Here is the top 10 list of the best keychain purses for women, that are currently on the market in 2019. With all the specifications you need to know about mentioned, so you can make an educated buying decision and not just buy the first wallet you see and think that is ok or worth the price.

1. Miracle Checkered Zip Key Chain Pouch

Miracle Checkered Zip Key Chain Pouch is displayed on this photo on white background. If you are thinking about getting an excellent keychain wallet, this is the best possible choice for women out there.
Best Keychain Wallet for Women on the market right now.’

So far, this one is available only in cream color design. It is made from vegan leather. Even though it is marked as Unisex, I highly believe that women make most of the purchases. I genuinely admire this design. The only downside is that it does not have RFID protection. But it has enough room for several cards, cash and even some bills, car keys and also coins.

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2. ZORESS Mini keychain purse

Yes, this is a photo of brand new ZORESS Mini keychain purse in brown style. Yes, it is genuine soft brown leather, the best quality possible for the best price by zoress.

Currently, Zoress is producing this in 8 different colors. All of which are made from high-quality soft leather. I only wish they start making these with RFID protection and ID card window, that is what I miss, but the design and quality are excellent.

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3. Daisy Rose Luxury Zip Checkered Key Chain pouch

On this high-quality photo, you can see all the details of Daisy Rose Luxury Zip Checkered Key Chain pouch, which is in black and brown style with a gold keychain, this is a top-rated product in 2019.

How can you not love this design, currently it is available in Brown or Cream color style. I love both, to be honest. Again, no RFID protection, but the leather is genuinely high quality, it has that luxurious feel to it.

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4. AnnabelZ Women’s Coin Purse

Top photo of AnnabelZ Women’s Coin Purse in black leather option where all the details are in gold color. Yes, the logo and chains are in golden color. For buyers to choose the right color and right product, there are also on photos of dollar bills and credit cards and coins, to show in proportions how big is this product.

Currently available in 16 different colors, all of which are made from synthetic leather. This one is extremely lightweight, only 0.1 lbs. Even though it is not genuine leather, it has a nice feel to it. And leather is beautiful, but you need to take care of it to prolong the beautiful clean design. So for those folks who are lazy as I am, this is a perfect choice. Inside there are three different card slots and one big pocket for cash, coins, and other necessary accessories.

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5. Prometheism

On this photo, you can see keychain purse by Prometheism in pink leather. You can see that there can be easily fitted three cards and that there is a pocket for coins and bills.

Prometheism is currently making these in 13 different colors. For its size, it is incredible that it can hold six cards. Of course, it has one big pocket, which is aimed for coins, cash, and bills. I had this one a few years ago, and it survived, even though I took zero care of it. After a little over three years, it still looked like new, and I gave it to my grandma. She has it still to this day. I can highly recommend this one if you don’t need a flashy designer one.

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6. Women’s Card Holder by Artmi

On this image is Women's Card Holder by Artmi with white background.

I hesitated to put this keychain wallet on the list. But Artmi is a great brand, but more importantly, this one has RFID protection, unlike most keychain wallets/purses for women. Currently, it is available in this APricot design and also Blue, Pink, and Purple color. It is made of genuine leather. It has only three card slots, but you can easily stack at least two cards on top of each other in each slot. Also, it has an ID card slot with a clear window, which is again uncommon in this category, but yet another reason why to put it on this list.

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7. Laura Wales leather credit card holder with key chain

This is an excellent photo of  Laura Wales leather credit card holder with key chain with white background behind the credit card holder.

Let’s are honest; this is not the nicest one from the list but is a super high-quality one from full-grain leather. Currently, it is available in Pink, Red, and Yellow color. This is probably the tiniest and slimmest from this whole list, but yet you can still fir five different cards + it has one pocket. Again, I almost forgot to mention; it has RFID protection against theft.

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8. Key coin Purse by ICONIC

Photo of green leather Key Coin Purse by ICONIC with white background behind the key chain purse.

I don’t know what it is, this is minimalistic design, but for some odd reason, I want to buy all of them. Yes, it is currently available in Khaki, Baby Blue, Vermilion, and Yellow color. I can’t choose which one I want all of them. Too bad these don’t have RFID protection.

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9. NEWANIMA Women’s RFID Stops Wallet with Keychain

On this photo is pink NEWANIMA Women's RFID Stops Wallet Cardholder With Zip Wallet Purse Clutch With Keychain. The leather and accessories of the chain are also pink. The chain and zipper are in golden color. Rest of the photo is a white background.

Now that I am writing this, I want to put this higher on this list, but than again, this design is not for everyone. Currently, you can choose from 8 different colors, and I like almost all of them. This one has ten card slots, one ID card window, a zip pocket for coins, and also one banknote box. Furthermore, RFID protected!

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10. Vera Bradley Iconic Zip ID Case, Signature Cotton

Vera Bradley Iconic Zip ID Case, Signature Cotton keychain wallet in the most popular color option, the blue color combined with flowers and logo of Vera Bradley in black color on white background. This is also consisting of the white background of the photo.

Even though this piece by Vera Bradley is amazon number 1 bestseller within this category, I had to put it as the last item of this list. I also thought they are offering 13 different designs. I still feel like the rest of the list has better quality and design and more use. This one doesn’t have any card slots or RFID protection. I get it. Not everyone is a fan of leather or likes leather accessories. The upside of this one is that you don’t have to take good care of it, and you can even throw it in your washing machine to clean it up. And it is super lightweight. When I was testing it, I had five cards and some cash in, and it still felt like nothing was in my hand.

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How was this test conducted

To be able to write this article, I have tested over 140 different keychain wallets to find the best ones. I would say that over 80 of those were for women, but it is hard to say since most of these are marked as unisex. Out of these 140, I have tested little over 110 in person, and for the rest of these, I have compared reviews online, and only three keychain purses made to these lists from online reviews. The rest 17 I had in my hands tested them and compared them.

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