The best 10 Minimalist Wallets of [Year]

I spent last week researching minimalist wallets to create this top 10 list. Hopefully, you will find just the perfect wallet with this list.

What a minimalist wallet is

They are not just trendy. But quite practical. For the longest time, I was bringing with me a big fat wallet full of cards and tons of receipts. But let’s be honest once those receipts pile up, we don’t sort them out, or at least not most of the time. Or we do it a year later, when they are almost unreadable and when the wallet is filled with unnecessary junk.

Ever since I have purchased a minimalist wallet, I don’t deal with this anymore. Not only that, it fits anywhere, but I am carrying only what I genuinely need. Some cash, credit card, my driving license, and id, and that is it. All those stupid cards for discounts are synced on my phone, and I am okay. I don’t understand how I could walk around with 20 different cards with me. And for what? Half the time when I was in a particular store that had one of those cards, I did not found the card because I had so many that they were stacked on top of each other.

How to choose the right minimalist wallet

Well, it depends on how minimalist you genuinely want to go with this purchase. I am ok with just three cards within the wallet, but you might be not. The other important factor what kind of material do you want or like. Leather is beautiful, it has that luxurious feel, and it can age perfectly if you manage it right because leather ones need quite a maintenance if you don’t want to buy different ones in the next 3 to 5 years. Other alternatives are either from synthetic leather, fabric, and there are few metal ones. And one last factor you should be looking at is if that wallet has RFID blocking lining or not, which is quite essential, especially for people who use public transport often, and they don’t want to become an electronic theft victim.

Within this top 10 lists/buying guide, I will discuss everything.

This image contains the top 10 list of best minimalist wallets. With the green background and white text. If you follow this buying guide, you will know which out of these ten wallets is the best fit for you and your needs.

1.Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet from NapaWalli

This is overall my favorite minimalist wallet out of all the ones out there. This one has the best feel out of all of these. It is beautifully small, slim, and it feels even more comfortable than a smartphone in your pocket. NapaWalli has designed this one to be super slim, which prevents any unnecessary bulging of your pockets. I should say straight away that his one blocks RFID signals, so you are safe with this one, no one will steal your personal information or cars. It contains three main card slots and one window which is intended for your ID card, and it also has one durable magnetic clip. You can fit in this one at least 28 to 30 folded up bills. If you are wondering what material is this one from, it is made from durable cowhide leather, which is probably the best choice for a wallet like this. It is made in 11 different styles. Currently, it is available in Crazy Horse Khaki, Carbon Fiber Leather Black, Carbib Fiber Leather Black with Clip, Crazy Horse Black, Crazy Horse Blue, Crazy Horse Coffee, Crazy Horse Deep Blue, Crosshatch Black, Hunter Black, Hunter Khaki, Renappa Black, and Vintage Gray color. I almost forgot to mention the sizing, and this one is 4 x 3inches which as minimal as it can get!

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2. RIO Money Clip Wallet from TRAVANDO

This is the one that I own for several months now. Even though there is nothing wrong with this one, I like the design and simplicity of the wallet above more. And now I am kind of sad that I did this “research” because I will probably get the one from NapaWalli, even though I have this one, and it is excellent. Travando has German design, and maybe that is the reason why I am more inclined to get the new one because the NapaWalli has more of American design. But other than that I love this piece, it is very lightweight, even when it is filled. It is just little over two ounces and measuring 4,5 x 2,8 inches. Yes, it is made out of synthetic leather, but that has one upside, you don’t have to do almost any maintenance. With seven card pockets, where one is in front as easy-access one and six other inner card pockets. It might not seem like it, but it is quite easy to take cards out, of course, that it has RFID-blocking protection against identity or card theft. Inside of this wallet is a metal money clip, where you can quickly stack up bills. It is made in 9 different styles. Black, Black, and White, Black on Black, Blue, Carbon, Dark Brown, Gray, Light Brown, and Vintage Brown color.

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3. Slim Carbon Fiber Magwallet from PITAKA

This is probably the most futuristic wallet out of this list. It is not my style, but everyone who saw a photo of this wallet said it looks cool. The only downside to this one is that it is genuinely minimalistic. It can hold up only up to 6 cards in total. But of course, it has RFID Blocking. But I am sure if you decide to get this one you won’t meet anyone with this kind of wallet. And let me tell you, this one looks truly good with a business suit and everything else, to be honest. I quite like this one, but I am not so minimalistic. As far as dimension goes, it is 3,9 x 2,8 inches, and the depth is less than half an inch. This one is only made in this carbon fiber style.

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4. NOTTING HILL Slim Zip Wallet from Vaultskin

If you want minimalist zip around wallet. This should be your choice. This is the best one I have encountered during my research. So for those who like to secure their essential cards with zipping, this is a must buy. Vaultskin has designed this one correctly. Also, this is one of the few ones where you can store coins. Other than that, you can fit up in this piece 12 cards and of course, quite a lot of bills and the coins, as I have mentioned, which is quite rare within this category. Yes, it has RFID protection, so you don’t have to be worried about electronic pickpocketing. If you are wondering, this one is from top-grain leather from Italy. And to be honest, it feels great; it is so smooth. Also, this one is a perfect gift because it comes in quite a luxury packaging with gold letters. I have to admit, this one has a style too! It comes in 4 different designs/colors. It is available of course in black and Brown, but also Alpine Green and Cognac color. As far as dimensions go, this one is slightly bigger than the first three. 4,20 x 3,10 inches, and the depth is only 0,6 inches.

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5. Men’s Hunter Flip-Clip from Timberland

I love the old school vibe of this minimalist bifold wallet. These have the advantage of retrieving and putting in cash very merely. And quite frankly these can hold quite a lot more money than the others, so it is only up to you how bulky you want to have this one. Since it is from Timberland, it is made 100% out of leather, and I would bet that this one will last for a very long time. The only downside is that it has only two card slots, but it has an ID card window, which is quite lovely. And I quite like that the logo is on the backside. Dimensions are 4 x 2.75 inches, and the depth depends only on how many bills you stack in it. It is available only in 3 different color styles. Black, Dark Brown, and Light Brown color, and I love all of them; I do not know which one to choose even if my life depended on it.

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6. Genuine Zippo Brushed Stainless Steel Minimalist Wallet

If you want a metal wallet, this is the best choice, 100%. During my research, I did not find any other which could come even close in rating to this piece. Also, being produced by ZIppo, this one has quite some swag. Also, metal is quite more comfortable to take care of rather than some fabric or leather. Also, this one is extra durable, which Zippo is quite known for with the excellent durability of their lighters. Inside there are pockets where you can quickly put seven cards or maybe even more, and you will be able to stack several folded bills in it too. The weight of this wallet is slightly under 6 ounces. Measuring is 4,5 x 3 inches, which is not a lot considering that it is from metal. Of course that another one of its functions is that it has RFID-blocking. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a hinge, clip, or clasp, so it can opens freely even without you knowing. So this one is made for being inside of pocket or bag, which at least I personly do. So far, it is available in this Stainless Steel design.

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7. Clifton Heritage Leather Wallets for Men & Women

If you prefer front pocket style minimalist wallets, this one is perfect for you. I did not find any front pocket style one, which was better than this one, which is quite stunning since this is probably the cheapest one from the list. For this price, I did not expect it, but it is from 100% genuine cow leather. This one can take five cards; each has a separate pocket. There is a compartment for bills, and it has two holders, one for documents and one for your ID card. Also, this is almost the smallest one from my research. The measures are 4.4 x 3,2 0,4 inches. You can fit this one anywhere. I have tried to put it in my pocket in skinny jeans with iPhone in, and I was able to. This one is super slim. Yes, this one has RFID blocking. Currently, it is available in 12 different styles. Black Carbon Texture, Black Carbon, Brown Carbon, Green Carbon, Black Pebble Curve, Brown Hunter Curve, Brown Pebble Curve, Cognac Vintage Wax, Grey Pebble Curve, Mulberry Pebble Curve, Red Pebble Curve, Taupe Pebble Curve color. My favorite out of all of these is in Cognac Vintage Wax color.

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8. EliveBuy Slim Card Holder Upgraded Version

This is an upgraded version of EliveBuy’s minimalistic cardholder. This cardholder can also contain bills, and it has a separate pocket for coins, which is remarkable for its size. Yes, it is available only in this carbon style. But it is made from carbon fiber and stainless steel material, which was designed to resist corrosion, and from the reviews I have found online, this one is super durable. How many cards can you put in? Almost how many you truly want. This one comes with a screwdriver specifically for these screws. And you can adjust the size, buy tightening or losing the cardholder, with which you can expand or decrease the card capacity. Of course, this beautiful piece has RFID blocking feature.

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9. SERMAN BRANDS Bifold Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

SERMAN BRANDS is known for having genuinely durable products. And this one is one of those. It has over 8000 positive reviews online. And when I was holding it, it felt perfect. No wonder, it is from best full-grain / top-grain genuine leather. You can fit easily five to eight cards and cash in. Sizing wise, this one is tiny, 4 x 3 x 0,4 inches. Yes, this one is also secure; it has advanced RFID SECURE technology, which was engineered to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID frequency signals. Currently, it is available in 8 different color styles. You can get this one in California Desert, Canyon Red, Charcoal Black, Chocolate, Jet Black, Mahogany, Slate Gray, or Texas Brown color. My favorite one out of all of these is Canyon Red color styled one.

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10. SlimFold Minimalist Wallet

This one is the truly minimalistic wallet. Why have I picked this one to be in my top ten? Well, as I said, I truly believe that this is what a truly minimalistic wallet should look like. Also, it is made in the USA. SlimFold is a USA company, which is currently located in San Francisco. This one is a tri-fold minimalist wallet. Measures are 5 x 3,5 x 0,2 inches. Which is slightly more than other ones from the list, but this one can store 20 cards. Not only that, you can store twenty cards in it, but it has a large interior pocket. Which is great if you travel a lot since in some countries the bills are slightly bigger than in the US. I believe this is the only one out of this list, which is waterproof; it is due to being made out of Kevlar and Gore-tex. This one is extremely durable and will not wear down from day to day use like the leather ones. What I truly like is that you can throw this one in your washing machine and clean it that way, and you won’t harm it. This one is available in 5 different colors, and each color has two options, one is with RFID protection and the second is not, I like this option to choose if you want or do not want RFID protection. Currently, it is available in Black color with five different colors of stitching. The stitching is in white, gray, orange, red, and orange stitching. Also, this one comes with a five-year warranty!

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How I have created this top 10 Minimalist Wallets list

While researching for this article, I have inspected over 110 minimalist wallets. They were from 29 different brands. Out of those 110 wallets, I had reviewed/inspected 45 of them in person, and I tested them. The rest 65 of those I have revived myself online from reading over 500 reviews. Hopefully, this research was worth it, and I have offered you strong recommendations.

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