Wish Customer Service Contact + My Own Experience with them

Lately, I have been reading a lot of social media posts about terrible wish customer service, which I find very hard to believe. I have been a very satisfied customer for the last two years, with over 500 orders. Hey, I am not saying that all orders I have made were perfect or that they have matched their descriptions 100%. I am definitely not saying that. Just last week I have received instead of a yoga mat, just a cover for a yoga mat. Yes with wish code I have only paid at the end of the day like 6$, but I was still mad.

But guess what? I have made a screenshot from sellers description, where he did not mention that this was just cover for a freakin yoga mat. I have screenshotted the photos and of course the title. After that, I headed straight to my order and clicked on support. I chose that I have received the item. but that it does not match listing. I did take a few photos and also a photo of the actual package. And in two days I have received my money back.

How to deal with wish app customer service

In my experience is way faster to contact wish support service with in the app itself. I usually receive responses from them under 12 hours and I also get a push notification on my phone and my email. So far with all the problem I had, they have chosen to stay on my side. And whenever I advise my friends when they want to refund something, they always choose on the side of the customer.

This is the main reason, why I prefer wish app over aliexpress. Because on aliexpress I even had the video of unboxing the item, which was damaged from the sealed package. And sometimes they did not refund me, because their customer service took the side of the seller and I even had a video to prove that. Here you just take pictures of your package, which is not mandatory, but it helps. After that, you take a few photos of the product and tell the wish customer service what has happened.

How to contact wish customer service

In your main menu of wish app you have to scroll down and click on wish customer support, which is button below shop more and button before freaquently asked questions.
This is step after you have clicked on wish customer service. Now you have to choose your issue you want to talk about with support agent, you have 3 options, an item I ordered, my account or payment issues.

After you open your wish app either on iOs or Android device, go to the upper left menu. Within that menu click on order history. In your order history scroll down to your order with which you have an issue and click on contact support button.

Wish app will ask you if you have received your item. Depending on your problem you have to choose yes or no. If you are waiting on package for more than 60 days, you can click on no. And after that, they will ask you if you want to speak with someone from customer support or to wait longer for your item. If your delivery status did not change in several weeks, definitely go with contact customer support. They will only ask you if you want to get a refund in form of wish cash or if you want to get the refund on original payment method. That is up to you!

If your order was received and something is wrong with that order to choose yes. They will ask you if there was a problem with your item and you have to choose your response if the product was damaged or defective. If your order was made by mistake or if the item doesn’t match the listing on wish app. Or if the close is the wrong size or don’t fit, or even if the color is wrong. You could also choose that the order is missing item or parts, or just poor quality or not what you have expected. You could also ask wish customer service how your item works and they should help you out! Which in my eyes is quite cool. And the last three options are a counterfeit item, something else or never mind.

I usually choose counterfeit, does not match the listing or damaged. After that, you have to write what is wrong, take a photo of the package and the item itself. And within the next two business days, you should have your respond within the wish app. If you can’t find it, it should also be on your email. Well, it won’t be in your email directly, but there will be a link, which will redirect you to the message from wish app customer support!

How to find messages from customer service on wish app

You can use the tutorial I have written in the paragraph before this one. Or go to your main menu on the upper left of the app. Choose notifications and there choose your orders. And there should be your message.

Contacting customer service directly

Again, go to your main menu. Scroll down till you see a button called “customer support” and choose that one. You will be asked if you want to talk about the item you have ordered, your account or about payment issues. If you choose your order, it will be the same as I have described at the beginning of this article. If you choose your account, you will be able to contact them about your billing or shopping address. Updating your profile and changing your password or even an email. About notifications settings, something else or you can choose nevermind and get back to shopping.

If you choose payment issues, you will be able to discuss why was your payment declined. Wh did the price change or why you were unable to use and promotion. Or you could contact them if you see a charge for an order you did not place. Lastly, you can choose “something else” literally for any other problem or again choose the “Nevermind” button and go back to your shopping spree.

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