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Sites that are providing live streams like Firstrowsports are viral these days. But most people who are using such websites do not know that these sites are not legal. And visiting them is not ok either, it is more of a grey area, but it is not ok. I get it, we are busy creatures, and we do not have time to sit and wait next to a TV, before the game starts, to watch our favorite player or team. But I have found a great alternative to Firstrowsports.

And it is legal and free. Since it is a legitimate alternative, it is in the best possible quality, not like live streams on first row, which are in horrible quality. Where 360p quality is a miracle, usually, it is only 240p or 144p, which is almost unwatchable. So what about this legal and, most of all, free alternative?

First row sports is not the best site to visit, read our article, and find out what are the best and free alternatives of this website. And what is even more critical, the other options we will be discussing are legal, unlike the original site.

Best FirstRowSports Alternative

If you go to this website, you will need to register a brand new account and to be eligible for a free trial, and you need to submit your credit card during registration. Don’t worry; you won’t be charged anything, cancel the subscription before your trial ends.

My personal experience with firstrowsports replacement site

My personal experience with the firstrowsports EU is not the best, but I have also tested my self the alternative website to 1st row sports, and I am more than impressed with the service if you want to know which things are better at the alternative site, read the whole article.

Yes, I have tried this 1st row sports alternative site myself. And I have to tell you I am so glad that I have done this. At first, I got a free trial, but after a week, I did not want any other service. I was so impressed with their pricing and the quality of the service. I did not cancel my subscription, and now I am paying for it. But I am so glad that I have done this. This service costs only a few bucks a month, and now I have access to almost all of the live streams over the world, and I do not have to worry about any ads and pop up ads on the website. All of the streams have fantastic audio, and video quality is at least 720p or higher. I can tell you how much is this better than thefirstrow live streams.

Why this website is even better than firstrowsports

That is quite simple; not only that, you don’t have to worry about visiting the website. This site is accessible 24/7, unlike first rowsports. Because their website servers are god knows where, because they can’t be in the US since they do not own the content they are streaming on their website. They are probably in some third world country, which would already make the website load slowly, but their internet speed is not the best in the beginning, so the website crashes a lot when a lot of people are visiting.

The other thing which is better on the site I have recommended is the quality of the sports streams. Most of them are in HD, FHD, or UHD, and I have heard rumors that soon, the streams will be in 4K. To be honest full HD is good enough for me, even when I am watching on 60″ smart TV. In comparison, when I have tried what kind of quality is on FirstRowSports, I wasn’t also able to watch it on my mobile phone, the quality of the football stream was such horrible video quality. It looked like someone was recording it with a potato instead of a camera, and even the sound was terrible.

What streams are on firstrowsports alternative I recommend

You can watch the following sports on my first row alternative:

  • Football/Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • American Football
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling – WWE
  • MMA – UFC
  • Tennis
  • Motorsport
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Handball

Why not visit sites like thefirstrowsports

Is the first row website safe to visit? Not really,y I would not recommend anyone to visit a site like this. This is why I wrote this article about its alternatives, which are legal and safe!

And by sites like Firstrow sports, I don’t mean the alternative site I have recommended, but all the other illegal streaming websites. They have a lot of bad ads because they are serving ads from low-quality companies. Why are they doing that? Well, they can’t use Adsense or any other big ads publisher, because they do not have rights to the content on their website. And that leads them to smaller publishers, who do not have as much restriction for advertisers and you can quickly get a virus for your pc, I have even read horror stories about how people got a virus for their smartphone. Yes, even for iPhone and Android phones, there are viruses out there. And this is the “fun” part. You can also get your bank or PayPal account wiped out or even worse.

What is worse? Well, I know some people whose identity was stolen via a virus. And try to deal with that. A close friend of mine who has this happened to him. He has spent years at court and tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. And I am not even talking about how much time and effort he had to make to get his identity back.

And the same applies if you are enjoying watching movies online, getting free ebooks, or even downloading music. If you are searching for alternatives to download music for free legally, I highly recommend you to read this article. If you enjoy watching movies online, but you are tired of those ads and low-quality films, read this article and find out how to watch them online, for free and, most importantly, legally. And the same goes for ebooks. Also, there has been lately a lot of fake sites with ebook downloads. But I have found for you several legal websites, with free trials, where you can download ebooks for free if you want to find out where to download ebooks, read this.

Anyway, I just thought you might be interested in this since you were searching for football streams online and its alternatives.

My last thoughts

There are unlimited amounts of alternative sites to firstrowsports. But to be honest, it is not worth it to visit such websites; you can get a virus for your pc or even a smartphone. And potentially you might get in trouble because these are not legal services. This is why I have spent almost a whole week of researching sites like firstrowsports, but which is licensed and for free. And I have found it for you, luckily. Otherwise, it would be a horrible waste of time.

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