MusicPleer is shut down! Here are the best working Alternatives!

Our favorite website MusicPleer is unfortunately shut down. And for a good reason, even though we loved the website. The site was loaded with pirated content, and the main aim of the website was to distribute pirated content to even more users, which is illegal in most countries around the world. This was the main reason why the old MusicPleer website is not accessible anymore. There is no alternative, which is quite the same MP was because it was almost and Audio search engine. Which I believe even to this day was the only one. But it has to be noted that the alternatives that exist, also though they are not the same, they are, in my opinion, even better. Or at least some of them.

Best Legal Alternatives to MusicPleer

Now, in 2019, there are quite a few good legal working alternatives! For example, I like to use these to get my music or even to listen to music:

  • Spotify – My number one choice and it is quite cheap
  • Amazon Music – They are now offering FREE 30-day trial if you click here
  • Youtube – Almost any song is over there, but you have to be online
  • Dailymotion – Only downside is that the website is slow sometimes
  • Vimeo – I like this one also, but it does not have as many options as the alternatives above
On this photo is comparison of best free musicpleer alternatives and the winner of this alternatives is amazon music. Amazon music is clearly the best alternative outhere

Is Spotify better than MusicPleer was?

Well, it is. While using Spotify, I do not have to use a VPN or be scared that I will get a virus for my pc or my smartphone. And I do not have to worry at all if I get to any legal trouble, because this is a legit service, which you can get for free for few months if you sign up via this link. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the free offer trial, If I were you I would try it before they stop offering the free trial, that could happen anytime soon.

What I also prefer about Spotify over the MusicPleer is that you can listen to it even offline. And even if you do not get the free trial, it costs less monthly than just one cup of coffee, that is a no brainer.

Look-alike websites

Please stay away from those. There are quite a few of them, and a lot of users reported that these sites infected their pcs and even mobile phones with viruses. I thought that at least the, which is a chrome extension, is safe. But when I read the reviews, I was glad that I did not download it to my browser. is also one of those websites I would stay as far away as I could.

There is even software that is using the same name nowadays, but again, they have only a few downloads like the chrome extension I have mentioned. And the reviews are quite scary, so again, I would stay away from those also.

Look-alike Apps

I know that most of us, the music fans. We are spending quite some time on our pcs and mobile phones, searching for new music and for ways to listen to it or download it. And for the old users of MusicPleer, it might sound tempting to download an App like this. I know that it sounds tempting, but this is not the original website. It is an app. And not a trustworthy one. I know that if you visit their landing page, it says that you can download free mp3 songs, but at what price? First of all, it is again pirated content, and they do not have any rights to offer you service like this. That is one of the reasons why they do not have a website with a top-level domain (.com, .net, .org).

But instead, they try to offer you their service via an app. How do you think they are monetizing such an app? Well, they are distributing pirated content, which is against the law. So they can’t have Adsense ads. They have to use some “bad” ad network, which is willing to take the risk. And if the ad network is willing to do that, what kind of offers do you think they are providing?

On this photo is explained why you should stay away from musicpleer look alike apps and websites, because they are not original and they can potentialy harm your device.

I know you might be thinking that you are not stupid, that you do not click ads. But sometimes bad things happen, and something might get installed on your device even without you knowing.

I would rather be safe than sorry…

Yes I know, that this application might be tempting to get. Especially when you can download it not only for your Android phone but also on your PC and even iPhone. But again, at what cost? I would rather pay a few bucks per month for Spotify than be scared every day, that I am illegally downloading music and that my device might get a virus. And that the virus can lead to stealing all my passwords. I do not know how about you, but I have both on my pc and my phone emails that are tied to my bank account and also my PayPal account. And I have attached a credit card to my Amazon account also. So I could get robbed even this way.

How can you be sure that these apps are “bad.”

Well, if you are an iPhone user, go to iTunes, and if you are Android users go to Google Play store. Once you are there, search for the Muscpleer app. What will you find? Nothing, yes that is true, you won’t find anything. And for a good reason, because these app stores do not accept these dangerous apps.

For you to get this kind of app on your mobile phone, you would have to download it else were. And the downloading of it should be easy. But to be able to install such an app, you would have to allow on your device to install applications from external sources.

Do you know where these settings are? No? I do; you need to go to your mobile phone settings and then search for “Security Settings.” And do you know why you need to go there? Because the default settings are, that it is prohibited to install apps from unknown sources. Do you know why? Because it could harm your device!

My final thoughts about MusicPleer and its alternatives

Musicpleer was one of the websites that were out there. But unfortunately, the site is not accessible anymore. And all the good reviews that you will find on the internet are for this website, which does not exist anymore. All the other applications and website which are now using the same name are not genuinely trustworthy, and if I were you I would not use those, to be honest, I would not even visit those, to stay safe.

The thing I loved the most about the original website was that there were no advertisements, and I could listen to music for hours without getting annoyed by some stupid ad. Even while downloading, there were no useless pop-ups or anything. Also, quite a great feature were playlists, because not only that you were able to create one for your self. You were able to explore and find playlists of other users. This way, I have seen so many good songs and artists. And the fact that all of these services were offered for free was just surprising. I wish the website were still working, but it is not.

But do you know which service is offering the same things? Spotify. And what Spotify offers, which Musicpleer was not providing. Is first of all, that all of their services are legal. Also, you can sign in to Spotify with all your devices, and now your music can be synced. This is one of the best features they are offering, and I love it. This was one of the main reasons why I have signed up for their service. Also, you don’t have to worry if it will work on your device. Spotify is so popular nowadays that it is supported by every Android phone, every, and even PCs and MacBooks.

But if you want something completely free, I can completely understand that. And in that case, I would try Amazon music. If you go back to the beginning of the article, there will be a link to a 30 day Free Trial. I would try it now before they shut down this great offer!

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