YIFY/YTS was shut down – Here are the best alternatives in [Year]!

Probably the most popular torrent group called YIFY has shut down permanently also with their YTS website, which is also shut down forever. This was one of the most known sources for getting movies in HD quality as soon as possible. They have been around since I can remember. And they had one of the cleanest set up in this industry. Unfortunately, this is the end.

But don’t worry, I will share with you the best working alternatives that you can use in 2019! Don’t worry, and you will still be able to watch your favorite movies in HD quality!

In the beginning, the YTS website was having downtimes and wasn’t accessible at all times. This went for a few days in a row. Which, of course, has raised concern among the BitTorrent community. Not only due to the website downtime, because as we all know, but there are also other alternatives. But this website was owned by group YIFY, which is usually the first one who releases movies to the public. They are quite well known, or maybe even the most known group, which releases a new film. And they have been for years now.

Ever since YTS was not online anymore, YIFY did not release any new movies since then. And there is no news about their comeback since. It has been quite some time since they stopped, and I highly doubt they will ever return. I have read many conspiracies over the torrent forums, why they were shut down or why they are no longer publishing stuff.

Why is yts/yify no longer operating? That is the main quesiton of this banner image. Read the article to find out!

And at the end of the day, we all know why the website got shut down. They were releasing pirated content to the public, and they were distributing it. Yes, maybe the circumstances were different, but this is the main reason why they are no longer operating.

Will YIFY ever make a comeback?

It does not mean anything to the industry that they are no longer operating. But in a way, it is a pity. Because the YIFY group was producing the best movie quality out there, they first came to this scene back in early 2010, and ever since that, and they have made over 6,150 releases, which is unheard of.

Their website YTS, which had domain extension .to, was quickly one of the most popular sites out there. I am not sure if these numbers are real. But from several sources, I have received messages, that their website yts.to was generating at their peak over 1 100 000 unique visitors daily. And this number is just unique visitors, and I would bet they were creating between 5 million and 15 million page views daily also. I can’t even imagine how much money they were making.

Yes, when YIFY/YTS was shut down, it was a big hit to this industry. But by no means, their shutdown means that piracy or sites like this will end shortly. Yes, this was one of the most significant websites, which was producing probably the best movies in incredible quality. But in the big picture, it does not mean anything.

Even though I describe them here almost as gods within this industry, but it has been a hot minute since they are out of this business. And if you ask the new users about them, they have no idea who or what YTS or YIFY was.

Fake YIFY names and fake YTS websites

Ever since they were shut down, there has been a million copies of their website and their releases. Well, with a million, I am overestimating. But for sure, ever since they were gone, there have been at least several thousands look like websites and clones. And now listen to me carefully. I would not trust any of these fake/clone websites, which are using their names. Because that is the main issue, they are using their “brand” name, and they are trying to act like they have the “authority” or a maybe better word would be “reputation.” But none of these websites is even close what yts.to once was. But also they just copied the layout, and they have no idea what they are doing.

Why are fake YTS websites dangerous to visit

I visited a few of those websites and never again. When Yify was in this business, they were doing it for quite some time, and they had experience within this industry. Yes, they had gazillion ads on their website. But these ads were safe, and they were annoying but harmless. And these fake websites, since they are new and genuinely have no idea what they are doing, the ads they are serving on their website are one of the worst in the industry. Let me explain why. These websites act like they are distributing pirated content, and some of them genuinely are. So with this kind of content, they can’t use Adsense or any reputable advertising company because they do not have rights to that content, and that is against the policy of every reputable advertising company.

This is a warning sign with text, if you like your pc, rather stay way from these fake or cloned yify and yts websites, they could harm your computer, or even worse.

There are only a few of those who offer ads for this kind of site. And there is an even fewer number of those, which have decent ads. Because most of these ads companies, which allow this kind of content to serve the worst ads. And by the worst ads, I mean ads with malware, etc. Also, a quite popular option is to mine crypto with your browser. I can’t even tell you how many of my friends destroyed their pc, because they were visiting sites like these. And you know, it might take a while, but slowly but surely your CPU will get destroyed… Or you can get a virus for your pc, which might cost you even more. Because we all store our passwords, you would be amazed at how quickly your bank account or PayPal can be drained. Or even how fast can someone find out on which website you have stored your credit card info, and they order a bunch of stuff.

And I am not saying that all of these ad companies are serving this kind of ads on purpose, but they don’t have as much stuff that would review the ads if they are ok or not. Or they don’t care. I believe the right half of those companies don’t have the funds to inspect all the ads and check if they are cloaked or not, and the other half doesn’t care.

List of the best YIFY/YTS Alternatives

Everyone I know likes to watch movies in the best quality possible and, if possible, then for free. Back in a day, everyone preferred downloading the film, because the quality was significantly better. And also, the online movie sites had a ton of annoying ads on it, and the quality was sometimes even worse then if I would record it with potato.

But nowadays the internet speeds are off the charts and watching movies online is not a problem anymore. So let’s look at the best alternatives to YTS/YIFY.

On this phooto you can see tv screen / pc monitor with text underneatch, the best yify/yts alternatives that are avaialable in 2019 and are completely legal.

Movie Frame

Most of you probably don’t even know that a website like this exists. But I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this website a few months back. And I loved it. I was able to watch almost every movie I could think of at the time, and the tv shows/tv series category had a lot to choose from. If you would like to try them out, they have a 7-day risk free trial, but I would try it as soon as possible since this is for sure limited offer. I had to pay for my subscription a few months back. If you want access to the trial membership, click here.

Hulu – My favorite YTS Alternative

Most of you probably know that Hulu has a membership website. And there is almost anything that can be watched! I have been subscribed to their service for months now, and I love it. If you want to try out Hulu, click here.

Amazon Prime Video – Probably The Best YIFY Alternative

This is probably one of the best options out there. Not only, that you can try them out for a month for free, which is perhaps the best deal anyone will ever offer to you. They are providing such an excellent service. If you want to try Amazon Prime Video for next month for free, you can sign up for 30 days free trial on amazon prime, if you want this deal, click here. Or you can join Amazon Prime Video Channels directly, by clicking on this link.

I hope that you have picked at least one of those alternatives. Some of these will allow you to watch your favorite movies in HD online for free, some after free registration. And some will even let you download the film to your device. In 2019 it doesn’t matter anymore if you are on your iPhone, Android phone, or even a PC. What matters is that you need to have access to the internet, which everyone has in this day and age.

My final thoughts

Even though that my favorite YIFY alternative is Hulu. Your preferred YTS alternative might be Movie Frame or maybe Amazon video. We all like different types of movies and TV shows. I feel like I have the best experience on Hulu, but I wanted a lot of Movie Frame also when I have tried their 7-day trial offer. Amazon Prime Video service is also excellent, I have tried them for a month, but I was already using Hulu before that for a good six months, and I am a creature of habit, that I do not want to change. There is a good chance when you are reading this that you have tried none of those services. If I were you, I would try them all, since most of them offer free trial membership and then I would decide on what fits you the most.

Let me know in the comments below what is your favorite alternative :).

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