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Our beloved website is not accessible for quite some time. And it won’t be restored on a new domain. They may have been since early 2018 created many looks alike websites using a similar domain name to bookzz org. But none of those sites offers as many free books as they did in the past. What is worse, that they not only offer fewer books, but the main issue is that these websites have malicious software on their website. While I was researching a few things for this article. I have read literally horror stories on forums and Reddit, how several people got their computer and even mobile phone infected with different types of viruses.

Some people even lost their whole PayPal balance, because they had stored a password in their browser. I will put a list of websites here, which if I were you I would rather not visit, just to stay safe. And of course, I will offer you the best legal bookzz alternatives in 2019.

List of fake, scammy and not trustworthy Bookzz lookalike sites:

This photo is warning with text every user, to stay away from bookzz look alike websites, because these can do serious harm for their computer or even mobile device!

This one is really trying to make you feel like you are visiting the old site, but most people have reported that when downloading from this website, they have infected their pc with a virus. Also, they do not have an SSL certificate, which is scaring me. And of course, they do not have any rights to any of the content that they serve. So it is only a matter of time, when this website is going down, because of the pirated content.


This is another fake site. Yes, they offer quite a lot of books, especially foreign authors. But I am not definitely trusting this site. I have read quite a few bad reviews for this one also. And guess what? All the content is pirated. Well maybe I am wrong and they have some creative commons ebooks on there also. So let’s say 99% of the content is pirated and they do not have the rights to distribute it, so again. It is only a matter of time when this website is going to be shut down.

Library Genesis

This is another illegal alternative website which I would you to be as far as possible from. Well, if you want to get into trouble and on top of that harm your computer, then go ahead and try to download any of their 2 000 000 files. Library Genesis is a website, with name servers located in Russia. Or at least they had them when I was writing this article, but I highly doubt something has changed since then.

I am going to say the truth out loud this time. I can’t believe that this website is still online. Considering how much-pirated content they have on their website and also how many visitors they are getting each month, I truly do not understand how this one is still online.

Best up to date legal alternative websites

Bookzz in a way are reminding me of MusicPleer because when it came to download free mp3 music, MusicPleer was a go-to site for everyone I know and I feel the same way about Bookzz, but only when it comes to downloading eBooks, pdf books and articles. The website is shut down for a hot minute and still, most of their old users have no clue where to get books now. The thing is that Google results are flooded with clone sites, which have a poor library of books and most of them can harm your pc and I have even seen viruses on iPhones and Android phones, which sounds even scarier for me, because I know my ways around PC, but I have no idea what to do if my mobile phone got infected with serious virus.

As I said the Google search results for bookzz org can offer you quite weird sites. Especially if you are outside of the US, the ads on the website and redirects are even worse. So if I were you I would try out one of these alternatives, rather than visiting websites with highly malicious content on them.

On the photo is student covered in books, over this photo is text "bet alternative in 2019". The photo itself is black and white photo and above the tet is bright white logo of opened book.

Amazon Audible is my number 1 bookzz alternative!

I know that this way you can get only free audio books. But if you go through this link, you will receive a 30-day free trial, in which you can download audio books for free and what is most important, legally. I am not going to lie to you, I personally love Audible. And yes, I was reading a lot just a few months ago. I am commuting pretty much every day, so I was reading good 2-3 hours a day while commuting. But when I discovered Audible, my life changed. I have realized that I am much more efficient when I am listening to the book, rather than reading it. Yes, I know that it sounds almost crazy, but let me explain.

I can already listen to the book with my Bluetooth headphones when I am packing my things and I am going to the train station. When I was reading, I had to be first at the train station… Also when I am commuting now I focus on nature and maybe from time to time on my phone, but other than that I get an undisturbed experience of that book. Back then when I was reading the book, I was hearing noises all the time and I had to try to block them. To stay focused on my book and now I don’t have to. Also what is also great now, I do not have to sit or have enough space when I am standing. Because I don’t need any extra space for book or pdf reader. So if you ask me, the best bookzz alternative is Audible.

Google Ebook store

This one is mainly for Android users. But if you do not have an android device, you can still access the Google ebookstore, but it will be a long process rather than going there straight from the android phone. But hey if you are android mobile or tablet owner, you can go easily to “Google Play” and then you just need to go to the “Books” section. When you are there, you need to just choose if you want to search only free books. Or if you want to go to the paid section only, you can. I will share with you later on tutorial how to get free gift cards for google play, so you will be able to get these downloaded for free at the end of the day.

This one is completely free to download any book, which is hosted on their servers. But as the name suggest all the ebooks are science related. But I got a few good ebooks from this website. It is easy to use and I can recommend it to you.

This is to my knowledge best completely free bookzz clone. They offer only free ebooks, but they have 1000s of them in almost every category. Most of the books are from international authors, but I have found great reads over there also.

This website is again mainly as the name suggest computer-related ebooks. Most of the books are covering topics like programming languages, for example, c, c++, PHP, Python, SQL, Java, and many others. Of course, there are many other topics. But programming languages or tutorial ebooks seem to be the main category over there.

Amazon Kindle

In the last few years, Amazon Kindle has gained a lot of new users. It is very clear to me that this option is not for everyone that this option is not for everyone. But again, you will get a lot of books for free and if not they are for a very decent price. But I feel like most people would even use Amazon Kindle as a similar alternative to bookzz, but I feel like they do not know that you can get Amazon Kindle books for your notebook. Which I feel is quite comfortable, especially while traveling or even at home. Nowadays laptops are so light, that you can read even at home and “travel” from room to room without any issues. Maybe I am wrong, but Amazon Kindle has a larger library than Audible, so if I were you I would definitely give it a tr

Did I tell you that you can get a month for free on Amazon Kindle? No? My bad, I should maybe start with that, if you click on this link. A new tab will open with a limited offer of the 30-day free trial on Amazon Kindle. If I were you, I would definitely try at least this alternative, because this might be the best one out there.

Crazy Ebooks – Free Trial

They offer 7-day free trial. I quite like their platform, and since they are offering 7 days free of charge, why not to try them. If you want a free 7-day trial, click here.

Media Bridge – Free Trial

These guys are also offering a 7-day free trial. They have a huge library of ebooks and since it is free, why not to try it, right? If you want to get access to a 7-day free trial, click here. I would try it as soon as possible since this is a limited offer.

My Final Words

Hopefully, this article helped you. I have listed several sites, which you should 100% stay away from if you don’t want to get into any legal trouble or harm your device. And also I have listed the best legal alternative websites which are like bookzz once was. I believe that at least one of the options will be a great fit for you. If I were you I would get a free trial on several of those sites. And I would test which one fits the best to your needs. As I mentioned, my favorite one is Audible. But we all have different preferences how to consume content and even the categories we like. Some of those websites will have more content in certain categories and the other in others. This is why I am recommending you to test all of those legal alternatives and find the best one for you.

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