Game of Thrones Whiskey Glass for less than 19$, 19% off!

Game of Thrones Whiskey Glass, such a cool thing

I found this whiskey glass with the GOT theme when I was binge searching threw amazon again. I know that 19% off is nothing special, but I thought that I would share this with you. Because I have already ordered 4 of them about an hour ago. If you want to get them to, go here to get a discount.


I love it! The price here is wrong. There is a lighting deal going on, and already 32% is claimed, and it will last four more hours since this post!

Update 2019

Unfortunately, there is no other way how to get Game of Thrones whiskey cups, but if you want to buy GOT themed gift for someone. You can always go to the wish app. There have a lot of things which are in Game of Thrones theme since the show is super favorite
They have GOT clothes, phone accessories, and even props from the movie or look-alike things — even Halloween costumes. So if you want to buy a GOT gift for someone I can recommend you to shop on wish app to save money, all the items over there are super cheap already. But I have written a step by step guide on how to save money on the wish app; I highly suggest you read this one. It is a long article, but it will teach you how to save up to 75% on your order!

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