NHemtai – Read This Before Visiting Their Website

I know that you searched for nhemtai, but you were most probably looking for nhentai.net. But that is all ok, for the sake of this article, I will still refer to it as “nhemtai,” but I will be talking about the second website. Please read this carefully, did you know that your PC/Mac or even smartphone can get a virus just from visiting this site? The problem lies with the advertising on their website and their web hosting. Since it is an xxx site, they can’t use regular web hosts, because they do not allow such websites.

Is nhemtai safe website? Yes, but you need to take a few precautions before visiting them, read the article to learn which things you need to do before visiting this site.

Due to that, they are using smaller site hosting companies, which do not have the resources or the software to protect web hosting, as the big dogs such as Namecheap and others. So two things can happen, someone might hack their servers and put script or virus on their website. Or they can leak the data from the servers and records that you were visiting such site and what pages you were on. Not everyone is scared of this, but this could potentially ruin someone’s career in this sensitive day and age.

Also, worse things can happen from visiting nhemtai

Did you know your pc can also get a virus? And not only you might lose your data, but they could even steal money from you. From PayPal, your bank account, etc. They also might order from Amazon or such sites, where you have stored credit card for payments or even steal your identity, this is quite a scary topic, to be honest.

How can you get the virus?

It is quite simple; sites like these are running ads to monetize their website. But they can’t use big advertisers like Adsense, because they do not allow adult websites. So they are running adverts from smaller companies, which again do not have enough money to control and create a system, which would check if the ad is safe. There is quite a lot of shady things, which are going on, and viruses are one of them.

How to visit such sites safely?

Learn how to visit nhemtai.net safely without any worries of getting a virus or losing data or leaking data about your searches on their website.

Yes, there is a safe way to do this. All you need to do before accessing such a site is to turn your AdBlock on. If you do not have Adblock, you need a web browser that supports it. If I were you, I would download google chrome or firefox. Both of these are lightweight and support extensions like Adblock. Also, there are several versions of Adblock; I prefer Adblock and Adblock plus.

If you want to visit this website from a mobile phone, you won’t be able to download Adblock. But just a few days ago, TOR released a mobile version of their internet browser, so I would get that and visit the website with TOR, that should be safe on a smartphone.

How to protect yourself from data leak if you are visiting such sites? You need to get a VPN to change your IP address. My favorite one is this. After you turn it on, you can safely visit the nhemtai website with chrome or firefox with Adblock plugin on.

My last thoughts

I know that I might have scared you off with this article. Do not worry, if you follow my instructions, you should be fine. Even if you don’t, there is a good chance that nothing will happen to you and your pc/mac/smartphone. But do you genuinely want to take that chance? If I knew it would be a fifty-fifty percent chance that my phone would fall out of my pocket. I would not wear it in my pocket, and the same applies here. Better safe than sorry. So again, if you follow my instructions, you can safely visit the nhemtai site. If you want me to write any other tutorial, please ask me in a comment section below this article.

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