NHentia – Learn How To Visit This Site Safely

If you were searching for nhentia, you were most probably searching for nhentai. For people who are not familiar with this website, I will briefly explain what this site is about and how it got popular. But for those of you, who wonder how to visit the website safely, scroll down a few paragraphs to find out.

Also, as a future reference, I know your searching was a misspelling, but instead of that you wrote by mistake nhentia, I will now use that search term for the sake of this article.

What is nhentia? What is this website about? Well, read the article and find out. Btw: as you can guess from the name, the site is about hentai.

Why is nhentia so popular?

It is one of the oldest websites in this industry. It currently has over 128 million visits monthly. And it is still growing. Just last December, it had only 108 million visits each month. And it grows presently by 3 million visits each month or more. Surprisingly enough, most visitors come from the United States. Almost 18% of the traffic is from the US. In the second place was Japan, which most users assume is number one, but it is not. The site has no restrictions on other countries, so it has a wide range of users from all 247 countries around the world.

Is nhentia biggest site in this industry?

Most probably, it is. Only 17% of their visitors are from google search. Over 80 million visits to this site are direct, which means that millions of users each month type in their browser nhentia dot net and visit the site because they are recurring visitors. Also, little known fan fact, average time spent on their website is over 10 minutes. Which is a lot more than other sites in this industry, I can tell you that much for sure.

And tell me what another website in this niche has millions of posts on their website. Anyway, this was enough introduction for this website, now let’s talk about safety.

Is it safe to visit nhentia

Yes and no. If you do it right, it is secure. I will talk about that in a second, how to do it. But first, what is unsafe about this hentai website? Well, the problem is with ads and web hosting. Whenever you are visiting an adult site, you are risking. Let me explain why. First of all, the biggest web hosting companies (aka the safest) usually do not accept adult sites on their servers. So quite a lot of these websites are hosted on quite bad servers, which can get “hacked” more quickly than, for example, web hosting from a giant like GoDaddy. Because they have more money for the prevention of these types of attacks. I have nothing against smaller web hosting companies, but they don’t have as much security as giants in this industry.

Problem number two lies with the advertisement on their website. Since this is an xxx site, it can’t use Adsense, like the rest of the sites. They are using smaller advertising companies, and again, here is the issue. 99,99% of ads on Adsense are safe because Adsense has the best detection of phishing scams, scripts, etc. But these smaller companies don’t have that. There is a lot of things that you can do with them, cloak your ads, put a script in, etc. This solely depends on your skills. So by saying all this, when you visit this hentai website, you can become a victim of a phishing scam or get your pc or mobile phone infected by a virus. And not only you can lose all your data, but they can drain your PayPal, bank account, or even steal your identity.

How to visit nhentia safely

First of all, if you are using your mobile phone, what I am going to write will not work for you. But luckily, TOR has released a mobile browser. It is not perfect, but I would download it for your mobile phone if you want to visit such a site.

Do you want to visit nhentia.net, but are you scared of getting a virus or the date leak from their web servers? Well, read the article, and I will teach you how to visit this site and others safely.

And let’s talk about how to visit this website on your PC/Mac safely. First of all, you need to get google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Both of these browsers support browser extensions (aka plugins). Once you have downloaded it and installed the browser, it truly does not matter. Just pick one of those two. Go to your settings -> extensions and download Adblock. You can download Adblock or Adblock plus — both of those work. Again, pick one, install it now, if you are not worried that the website owners or if someone hacks their database will know that you have visited their site. You can visit nhentia.net finally.

If this possible leak of this data is an issue for you, don’t worry, I have a solution for you. You will need to “mask”/change your IP. For that, you will need a VPN software. I highly recommend this one.

Once you install it, pick any location, and after that, you can safely, without any worries, visit the website.

My last thoughts

I hope that this article about nhentia has helped you. I have tried my best to explain what are the risks when you are visiting such a site. And also how you can visit the website without any worries. I know that I might sound paranoid at times, but I have a lot of friends who lost money or data this way. It is a cliche, but you can get a virus to your pc when visiting such sites. If you need any other tutorial, just hit me up.

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