Unblocked – Play Now in Fullscreen! + Tips & Tricks To Win

For those of you who need unblocked because you can’t play at the workplace or school. You have finally landed on the right page. You can play our unblocked version whenever you want. This is the same version of this awesome game, as you know, only it is not blocked by schools or offices.

Play Slither io Unblocked

Play slitherio unblocked right below this image. Just wait a few seconds depending on your internet speed and your computer specs so the game can load

Here is the game as I have promised:

If you are playing this game for the first time, please be patient. Try to eat as many orbs as you can before you start attacking other players.

What is Slitherio Unblocked

Slither is a multiplayer online snake game in 2D. In this game, you start as a small baby snake. By playing the game and eating orbs, you will slowly grow into a bigger snake. You can’t crash into your self or other snakes. But with that being said, if other snake crashes into you, they will die, and you can eat all of their body to grow even more significant. Think of it as a bounty. Eating your opponents should be your primary strategy. Not only that, you need to grow bigger, so you can eat others quickly, but also survive and win.

Controls unblocked games controls are mouse for the movement and left and right arrow key to receive a speed boost. There are just three controls here not 66.

You are in control of your snake via mouse. To speed your snake use right or left arrow button, it will give you a quick boost in speed.

How to win

Learn how to win in unblocked, read the following strategy and win all the games of slither

To win in Slitherio unblocked, you need to be the last survivor. The best strategy I have found is to eat as much in the beginning. Once you grow a little bit bigger, start attacking smaller snakes than you are. Once you are more significant than most players, begin to crush them. Usually, I found a snake, and I try to trap him inside my circle. I circle him several times, and often, he will crash into you within a few seconds. But you need to be aware of your surroundings because someone else might do the same to you when you are in a small circle.

I also use arrows to get a quick speed boost. But you need to keep in mind that during the speed boost, you are slowly losing your side. I use it only to kill other snakes. And you need to eat those snakes that you have beaten.

Best Tips & Tricks to Win
This is very advanced strategy to win in slither io unblocked, if you follow this guide, you will win every single time. but this strategy is only for seasoned players.

What I am going to describe right now is a very tough strategy, and I recommend this only for seasoned or highly-skilled players. What you want to do. It is right after the game starts when you are still a small snake. Try to find one of the biggest snakes on the map. Once you see him, use the left or right arrow to get a speed boost. And control your snake in a way that the big snake will crash into you by his fault.

This strategy is tough but worth it. It works when you are a small snake because you will be faster than the big snake, and he might not even spot you. With this strategy, I went several times from last place to first, and I won the whole game. You don’t have to find the biggest snake, but try to see one of the top 10 or top 20 snakes from the scoreboard.

My last thoughts

This is one of my favorite online multiplayer games. The only downside to this game is that it is highly addicting. I once have played unblocked for 16 hours straight. I was trying to get close to the world record high score. Unfortunately, I fell short every time I have played. And let me tell you, after playing this game for 16 hours, I looked like crap. I wish I made that world record, but I did not.