Bad Eggs 2 Unblocked Online

Today I am going to share with you my favorite online game of late, Bad Eggs 2 unblocked. I can’t stop playing. For those of you who are not aware of what his game is about. It is a multiplayer game, which looks like Worms 2D. But the great thing about this one is that you don’t have to install anything on your pc. You don’t even have to sign up, and you can play as a guest. But if I can have one recommendation for you, create an account, you will progress so much faster in the game than without it. Your character will level up, and with that, you will receive new game mods and strong new weapons.

Play Bad Eggs 2 Online Unblocked

As I promised, here is the game.

Right below this image is a bad eggs 2 unblocked for free to play. If the game does not load, read the following paragraph to learn how to fix it.

I can’t launch the game – How To Fix it!

To play, you will have to allow javascript and adobe flash player. If you don’t know-how, right-click with your mouse on the window, where the game should be. And choose to allow adobe flash player on this site.

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What is the goal of this game

Instead of the worm, your character is a bad egg, and your only mission is to destroy your enemy. How to do that? You need to control your character and kill the competitor’s bad Egg before he does the same to you!

Since a few years ago, more maps have been implemented in this game. I like the design of most of the maps. Some are more challenging than others. It is worth to play all the maps because you can try out different tactics and different weapons. The hardest part and also the most significant part of this game is aiming. If you want to be truly good at this game, learn how to aim with all of the available weapons. And don’t forget that each weapon has a different aim.

This game has two parts. Either it is your turn or your opponent’s turn. When your opponent has turned, you need to wait until he makes his move and prays that he either makes a mistake or that your character will survive. During your turn, you need to choose a weapon, aim at your opponent and shoot. Hopefully, you won’t miss it. For each turn, you have 30 seconds. The same applies to your opponent.

Controls of Unblocked Bad Eggs 2

In this game you are aiming with your mouse and also choosing weapons etc. is a lot easier when you are using your mouse. But you can also play with your keyboard only or mouse only. I recommend a combination of both, but yes, you can control this with just a mouse or keyboard.

Keyboard controls

  • Left Arrow – Changing angle of the shoot to the left
  • Right Arrow – Changing angle of the shoot to the right
  • UP Arrow – Adding power to your shoot
  • Down Arrow – Decreasing power to your shoot
  • A – Moving your Egg to the left
  • D – Moving your bad Egg to the right
  • Space bar – Fire
  • W – Jump


There are 50 different weapons that you can use during the game. But to get all of them, you need to level up, in the beginning at level 1 I had access to only eight different weapons. Keep in mind that each gun posses different power. Each gun has its pros and cons and should be used in different parts of the game. And there is always a good chance that if you mess up, you can damage your character with a powerful weapon or even kill your character by mistake.

My Honest Review

If it is not clear from this post, I love this game. It is highly addicting for me. I am playing it at school and also at work. Currently, I am at level 7, and I need to level up more. I need more weapons. Whenever I am playing with a more experienced player with level ten or more, I am getting destroyed. But that is what I love about this game, you are playing against other real players and not just against the computer. What I also like is that you don’t have to have a good internet connection to play. So that makes the pool player even more prominent, and you can play against anyone in the world pretty much.

Tips & Tricks

Be the one who is hosting the game. You will be setting the whole game up. So you will be the one who is choosing a map, mode, etc. This is an advantage. Try all the maps first and then find out on which you perform better or have some edge. I do the same, I have found two maps on which I am good at, and I am dominating on those. And I suggest you do the same.

How To Play on Android & iPhone + other iOS devices

Have you hard time playing bad eggs 2 unblocked on your smarpthone? It does not matter if it was android or iphone, I know the strugle. I have a better alternative for you, read following text under this image.

You can technically play bad eggs two unblocked on my site here on your android phone or iPhone. But to do that, you will have to in your browser settings the option “Desktop site,” and you will be able to play. But the gameplay experience will be terrible. If you genuinely want to play this game on your iPhone or Android device. I have a better alternative for you. You can download the app of this game.

My last thoughts

Enjoy Bad Eggs 2 unblocked in full screen or without it. It is luckily available in this version I have uploaded here for you. If you need any more assistance with this game, please contact me. I will try to help you, and I will add it afterward to this article to help other players. And just one last reminder, create an account instead of playing as a guest and level up your Egg and get more weapons. Do you have to sing up? No, you don’t, but it will give you an edge during the game.