Play Slope Unblocked Online For Free

Here is the Slope unblocked game online version, which is free to play as I have promised. Enjoy the game! If you would like to know more about this game or if you do not know how to play. Continue reading this article under the embedded game itself. You might also be interested in playing this game.

Play the slope unblocked game on our site. The game will load under this image with in a few seconds, depending on your internet connection.

Slope Game Unblocked

Slope 76 is my favorite fun, unblocked game. Studio RobKayS created an endless game literally. One of the more interesting facts about this game is that the music was solely created for this project alone by SynthR. Even though this is one of the simplest online 3D games ever, the game itself is quite challenging rather than dull.

What is this game about?

During the game, you are controlling boll, which is auto-rolling down the endless space map. Your only objective is to roll on very narrow and tiny roads from which you can’t fall. Of course, that you physically can, but it would be a game over for you. Different things other than falling from the map, for which you have to look out for are red blocks. Anything that has a red color, you should stay away from it. If not, it will shatter your ball, and you will lose.

Why is this game so hard?

Well, each level, the speed of your rolling ball will increase. And with more speed and harder maps, the game gets quite challenging. The first level is quite slow, and every player gets a chance to get accustomed to the controls and the game itself. But right when the second level starts, it is on! You will have to concentrate a lot more to survive at least level 2.

How to play this game [controls]

There are only two controls that you will have to use. This is one of the reasons why the game is so popular. It is a simple game, but with each level increase, the speed and difficulty of the map also increase.

You will be using only your LEFT arrow key to move left and RIGHT arrow key move right.

Alternatively, you can you and D, left will be steering you left, and D will be steering you to the right.

If you press Space, it will automatically restart the game.

slope unblocked can be controled with left and right arrow or you can do the same with letter a and d. If you need to restart the game, press space.

Best Gameplay Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t listen to music or podcast or w/e. You won’t be focusing correctly. You can let the music play until level 6. After that, the game is so hard that I don’t recommend you to do that anymore
  • Try to look ahead and determine which way to go before you have to make that decision.
  • Avoid red blocks and anything that is red and in your way.
  • When you die, watch a video, and you will be revived.

How many characters are in Slope Unblocked Game

Currently, there are 14 different characters in the game, when we include the default ball. The cheapest character, which is basketball, costs 100 diamonds and the priciest one costs 10 000 diamonds.

  1. Default Ball
  2. Basketball
  3. Kids Ball
  4. Football
  5. Baseball
  6. Tennis ball
  7. Billiard ball 6
  8. Billiard ball 11
  9. Earth
  10. Planet 1
  11. Planet 2
  12. Eye
  13. Planet 3
  14. Planet 4

Where can I change the character?

Before you start playing, you have the option to play, shop, or settings. Choose a shop, and you can change or buy a new character there.


In each game of Slope unblocked, you are picking up blue diamonds, for which you can live in future buy lives, shields, and magnets or a new character. It is crucial to collect as much of them as you possibly can. Try to survive as many levels as you can. With each level, the number of diamonds you pick up increases. So don’t try to pick up every single one, but try to survive as long as you can.

How to play Slope Unblocked?

I will repeat my self, but Slope unblocked is one of my all-time favorite games. However, you won’t be able to play it on regular sites everywhere. Because at some workplaces and even schools, maybe even some coffee shops these sites are blocked. But the version of the game, which is here on my site is unblocked, so no one will be able to stop you from playing. Enjoy!

My last thoughts

I have shared with you everything I know about this game. If there is anything that is missing here, please contact me, and I will personally try to help you. And later on, I will add this to this article. For anyone who is wondering what is my high score at Slope unblocked. I don’t want to share my rating, because I am awful at picking up the diamonds with my ball. But I already own a world ball, and I have reached several times level 35. But my high score is quite terrible. Once I am happy with my high score, I will share the gameplay video with the top score here. Enjoy the game!