Is the Wish app legit?

I recently I have released several articles about wish and many of you have asked if is the wish app legit or not. The simple answer is yes. I have in total ordered over 520+ items from wish app. And out of those I I made dispute maybe 15-20 times. It was either due to the item was not working properly or because I misread the description. But every time I made a dispute, I just uploaded the photo proofs and within a few days, I have received my money back.

99% of the time, when someone calls out that the wish app is a scam, it is due to their mistake. Don’t take me wrong, I mess up even my self. What I mean by this, is that I sometimes forget to do my due diligence before ordering. Because sometimes sellers will post as the main photo something else than they are actually selling. Or put in a title for example “iPhone X 256gb” but in the description, you will find out that you will only receive 1x iPhone X glass shield protector.

My advice is before ordering is always to check not just the title, but also read a description and look for what the package includes! That is a must, also it is a good practice to look at all the photos and then look at also for reviews by other users for this particular product. Also, I will highly suggest you read this post before ordering.

How to find out if the product on wish app is legit or not, step by step:

on this screenshot you can see that we are using wish app and we are searching for "4g smarphone", this is the first step of finding out if is the wish app legit
First search for your item, in this example we are searching for “4g smartphone”, which should be an android phone with 4g connection
After we have choosen the desired product, we arrived on this details page, where we can see the description and photos of the smartphone we have searched for in the wish application
Here we can clearly see, that the seller is mentioning in the main photo and also in the title of this product, that this actually is an 4g smartphone.
After following the instructions from the last photo, we have scrolled down and we should se button for description and we should click on it.
After scrolling down as the arrow suggested in the last photo, you should see something like this, item specification, description, buyer guarantee and shipping information. Description is what is importatnt for us, so click on “Description”.
Details of description on the product on the wish app and now we can find out if is the wish app legit or not, for this product the seller is a scam artist, because this is only 3g phone and not 4g smartphone as he is advertising in the main photo and in the title of the product.
This is the detailed description of the phone from the seller. You can clearly see that the best connection that this phone is offering is 3g. After finding this out you could say that the wish app is not legit and that they are scammers. The truth is that only one who could be called out as a scam artist, is the seller. But at the end of the day, he has that mentioned in description. I know it is deceptive, but it is kind of like fake thumbnails aka clickbait on youtube.
After scrolling up we should be able to see product reviews and we have to clikc on that.
After you scroll back up, you should be able to see on the upper right something like product reviews. I highly recommend to go there and find out what otehr people have to say about the product and possible to check their videos and photos. The good thing is that only the ones who purchased the item can post something there!
When checking if the wish app is legit or not, I highly suggest to go here and click on the button with an image. You will be able to see only reviews with photos or video.
if you choose the circled button, you will be able to see only reviews which have either video or photo or both. I do this every time when I am ordering and ever since that I have not been scammed.


Is wish app scam? Final verdict

No wish app is definitely not a scam. Camon, it is a top 10 app in the shopping category both on iTunes and google play for the last few years. This company has been around for more than 8 years now.
Are all sellers on wish app good? No, they are not. But that is not a wish’s fault. And you don’t have to be worried, if you follow my steps before ordering, you will be fine.

What if I get scammed on a wish?

There is no reason to be worried. If you receive a broken or wrong item, or actually you don’t receive your order at all, you will receive your money back from wish and there is also a good chance, that the seller who did that to you won’t be able to sell on wish app anymore.

I hope that after reading this article you have changed your mind and now you can order without any stress from wish app. I hope that I have posted enough evidence that the wish app is legit. Because there is no reason why you should not be ordering cheap items from wish and saving money :). If you want to be really secured, get a different debit card for wish shopping or pay via PayPal. And load your funds on PayPal and then remove your bank account from PayPal.

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